Conquer the Common Rail Diesel Market with FPS

The number of diesel cars on UK roads is increasing and demand for replacement common rail parts is rising at a fast pace. FPS aims to take a leading role in this growing aftermarket sector with a new range of common rail diesel pumps and injectors, CR Diesel.

‘Common rail systems are a relatively new market sector to the aftermarket’ explains Product Manager, Barry Luff. ‘With the market being so new, stock availability is very poor and many factors and fitters don’t even know that the parts are available in the aftermarket.’

Due to the high costs of these components, parts are typically distress purchases which are not stocked by factors. FPS believes its existing strength in distress distribution, provides an excellent solution for customers with parts available for overnight delivery.

CR Diesel’s range of high pressure fuel pumps and injectors are remanufactured to OE specifications as part of a remanufacturing scheme that is approved by the 4 OE manufacturers of common rail diesel systems: Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO parts. This means that all CR Diesel remanufactured parts undergo the same tests as new automotive parts. And where remanufacture is not possible new parts are supplied.

Common rail systems operate at very high pressures and must work in harmony with the fuel, timing, exhaust and the engine management system. It is therefore essential that the quality of replacement parts is equal to the performance standard of the original part. Even the slightest defect in component design or compromise in quality can cause a terminal failure within one of the associated system. ‘Using non-OE standard components could risk the garage and their customer thousands of pounds in components and hours of lost time if something goes wrong,’ warns Luff.

‘That’s why we chose to partner with CR Diesel. The quality assurance that comes from using an OE approved scheme means that factors and fitters can have confidence in selling on and fitting these parts’ he added. For added peace of mind, the CR Diesel range is supported with a 2 year warranty across all 4 suppliers.


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