Common Rail Diesel

CR Diesel can inject profits into your common rail system sales.

Environmental awareness and emission legislations necessitate the release of cleaner exhaust gases from diesel engines. The European emissions regulation Euro VI mandates that particulate and NOx emissions from diesel engines now need to be as low as petrol vehicles.

Common rail systems are one of the primary means of complying with these legislations as they improve the timing and quality of fuel delivery into the combustion chamber by increasing the frequency of fuel injection. This indicates a significant opportunity for replacement common rail fuel injectors and pumps. However, the high cost of these components means that they are not typically stocked by factors.

CR Diesel, an OE approved remanufacturing programme, offers a range of Bosch, Delphi, DENSO and VDO branded common rail diesel injectors and pumps to the aftermarket through FPS.

Over the years, the CR Diesel brand has established itself in the UK aftermarket as a reliable and competitively priced provider of injectors and pumps to meet all common rail needs. CR Diesel has access to 240 common rail fuel injectors, 137 pumps and assorted ancillary products, such as fuel rails in range.

Top sellers include:
• A2CS9S11612: Common rail fuel injector: Ford Fiesta (2009>)
• 9044A130A: Common rail fuel pump: Ford Mondeo MkIII (2000-2007)

Common rail injection operates at significantly high pressures (2,000+ bar, system dependent), helping the system provide better fuel atomisation and needs extremely fine tolerance throughout the system. This requires precise parts as even the slightest defect in the component design or a compromise in quality could cause a terminal failure within the fuel system.

Using non-OE standard parts could risk the garage and their customers thousands of pounds in components and hours of lost time, if something goes wrong. Therefore, it becomes essential to always source an OE-approved programme that remanufactures the parts in the same manner as the original unit. All CR Diesel injectors and pumps are remanufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and tested on the OE manufacturers’ equipment. Each unit is built using genuine OE parts and the programme is backed by a 2 year/40,000 miles warranty.

CR Diesel injectors and pumps are not just fitted to passenger vehicles; a large number of parts have commercial vehicle (CV) and light commercial vehicle (LCV) suitability as well. This represents a great opportunity for distress sales as these vehicles need to be back on the road as soon as possible, since their business loses revenue every minute they are off the road.

The CR Diesel range of injectors and pumps covers vehicles used by a wide variety of trades from electricians and delivery vehicles to builders and farmers. It also covers vehicles such as taxis, vans, pickup trucks and 4x4s. Currently, CR Diesel offers 90 common rail fuel injectors and 46 pumps that cover CV and LCV applications.

Top sellers include:
• R02201Z: Common rail fuel injector: Ford Tourneo Connect (06/2002>)
• 0445010075: Common rail fuel pump: Nissan Interstar (07/2002>)

In early 2015, CR Diesel added some exciting new-to-range references, including 21 new common rail fuel injectors and 8 new pumps, all available to order from FPS through same/next-day delivery.
Highlights include the NTR common rail fuel pump (part number 0470004012) for Ford Transit (2000-2006). Further applications are being added to MAM Autocat+ to help grow your sales of common rail and aid you in choosing the correct part for customers, first time, every time.



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