Comma Xstream

Comma Xstream® Antifreeze and Coolants

The Xstream® range covers over 99% of the UK car parc and is available from FPS same/next-day.

Comma highlights include:

  • XSR1L (1 litre)/XSR5L (5 litre) – G30® OAT (69% car parc coverage) Concentrate
  • XSM1L (1 litre)/ XSM5L (5 litre) – G30® OAT (69% car parc coverage) Ready Mixed
  • XSG1L (1 litre)/ XSG5L (5 litre) – G48® Silicate (20% car parc coverage) Concentrate
  • XSG48M5L (5 litre) – G48® Silicate (20% car parc coverage) Ready Mixed

Today’s antifreeze and coolants are as vehicle-specific as engine oils. It is vital to know which of the four different coolant technologies is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for every car or LCV.

Comma’s Xstream® range with BASF Glysantin®, includes all four technologies. It has more official vehicle manufacturer approvals than any other UK coolant brand and is backed by Comma’s unique 100% Compatibility Guarantee. BASF Glysantin® is the OE coolant used in over 50% of all European-manufactured vehicles.

To find the right Comma Xstream® Antifreeze and Coolant application for every make and model use the VRN application data at The range can be found in the Maintenance and Accessories section of the F:Drive via Maintenance>Winter Essentials>Antifreeze & Coolants.

For more information about the Comma range of both, manufacturer approved as well as, traditional technology antifreeze and coolants, speak with your FPS representative today.