Comma Xstream®

Comma explains the significance of the Xstream® range of antifreeze and coolants for modern vehicles.

Antifreeze and coolants are every bit as vehicle-specific as engine oils today. As a result, technicians must know which coolant technology is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer (VM) for every car or LCV.


Comma’s Xstream® range with BASF Glysantin® includes all technologies available today and has more VM approvals than any other coolant brand in the UK. Backed by Comma’s unique 100% compatibility guarantee, BASF Glysantin® is the OE coolant used in over 50% of all European manufactured vehicles. The Xstream® range covers over 99% of the UK vehicle parc with the two most popular products, G30® OAT (69%) and G48® Silicate (20%) covering the majority of applications.

The whole range comes in two variants – ready to use, and concentrate.


Determining the correct antifreeze and coolant for any vehicle is made easy by Comma. By simply entering the VRN application data to, technicians can find the appropriate choice for any vehicle.

The Comma Xstream® range is catalogued on the F:Drive and is available from FPS via same/next-day delivery. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.



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