Comma Hydraulic Fluid

Comma Eco-VG 0W-30, Pro-VLL 0W-30 & LDS Fluid

Comma Oils and Chemicals introduces three new products into their engine oil and lubricants range.

Introduced under the Comma’s premium performance motor oil range, both Eco-VG 0W-30 and Pro-VLL 0W-30 are fully synthetic oils specifically designed for Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles. Alongside that, Comma also launched the new LDS Fluid – a fully synthetic hydraulic fluid that is specifically engineered for use in the Citroën C5 Hydractive 3+ hydraulic suspension systems.

Eco-VG 0W-30 (Available in 1L (ECOVG1L), 5L (ECOVG5L) and 20L (ECOVG20L))

Despite meeting the same VW specification as the existing Prolife 5W-30, the differences in viscosity and formulation, mean that the Eco-VG 0W-30 is able to circulate around the engine and provide better, all-round protection. Eco-VG 0W-30 is anticipated to be a strong choice for fuel-conscious vehicle owners as it exceeds fuel efficiency requirements by more than 25%.

Pro-VLL 0W-30 (Available in 1L (PROVLL1L), 5L (PROVLL5L) and 20L (PROVLL20L))

Specifically formulated for VW vehicles equipped with Pump Düse engines running on LongLife Service regimes which requires VW503 00, 506 00 and 506 01 specifications. This synthetic oil was engineered to maximise the interval between oil changes as the low viscosity of the oil helps to reduce friction and achieve better fuel economy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

LDS Fluid (Available in 1L (LDS1L))

Covering more than 1.3 million vehicles in the UK car parc, Comma LDS Fluid can also be used in power steering, traction control and hydraulic fluid applications in certain Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Ssang Yong and Toyota models.

Comma products are catalogued on the F:Drive. For more information, please contact your local FPS representatives.

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