Engine Oil

Comma Eco-V 0W20 Engine Oil

Comma presents the latest addition to the Performance Motor Oil range of engine oils.

Comma Eco-V 0W20 is a fully synthetic, high performance engine oil specifically developed for the latest technology Volvo engines from 2013 onwards. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, the specification affects predominantly Volvo 1.5 petrol and 2.0 petrol/diesel engines with VEA (Volvo Engine Architecture) Drive-E Powertrain.

Available in 1, 5 and 20 litre sizes (part nos. ECOV1L, ECOV5L and ECOV20L), this new specification currently covers approximately 20,000 cars in the UK. The demand for this is expected to grow as future Volvo engines will require this oil specification.

The Eco-V 0W20 Engine Oil and other Comma products are available on the Maintenance & Accessories section of the F:Drive. For more information, speak to your local FPS representative.