COB LED Lamps and Torches

The latest COB LED lamps and torches by Active Products come with brighter illumination and a longer battery life.

Active Products UK Ltd has recently launched a range of COB (Chip On Board) inspection lamps and torches that provide brilliant light output and a more powerful beam distance compared to standard LED performance. The high impact rubberised body allows for easy handling and increased protection.

COB is one of the latest developments in LED technology. COB light modules can avoid the typical defects of point and glare light, as multiple LED chips are packaged together as one module, making it look like a lighting panel when it lights up.

Highlights include:

  • A55935 – Round COB hand light 135 lumens, 16m beam radius, 5-hour battery life
  • A55942 – COB hand inspection light 185 lumens, 22m beam radius, 12-hour battery life

Under the AP Pro Series also by Active Products, is the new Super Bright AP Pro 270 Lumens Rechargeable Inspection Lamp and Torch (A56055) that features two powerful light options in one product.

The inspection lamp and torch is able to deliver light output and a beam distance that is superior in comparison to standard LED performance. The 3.7V rechargeable 2,220mAh Li-on battery provides a battery life of up to 3 hours and has an over-charge and over-discharge protection system. Encased in a strong, rubberised construction body it comes with a 2-piece positional base that allows 360° swivel and a fold out hook.

Active Products COB inspection lamps are available from FPS via the F:Drive under Maintenance and Accessories>Maintenance>Lighting>Torches & Work Lamps.