clutch release forks

Unique & Niche: Clutch Release Forks

Did you know that FPS has a selected range of clutch release forks available, focusing on French and Italian applications?


The clutch release forks is an integral part of the vehicle’s clutch mechanism. It operates the release bearing via a cable or rod & linkage, to convert the operation of the clutch pedal into the back and forth movement of the release bearing, needed to engage or disengage the clutch.


The clutch release fork, with the release bearing usually clipped to it, sits inside the bell housing.

Reasons for failure:

Changing a clutch release fork is usually recommended at the same time a new clutch assembly is fitted. The fork itself can also be responsible for difficulty in selecting gears, as not only does it suffer wear and tear, it can also become bent, not allowing the full actuation of the clutch release bearing, therefore not fully disengaging drive. Failure of the release bearing can also damage the clutch release fork.

Product Highlights:


All parts are available through FPS on same/next-day delivery.The clutch release forks mentioned above are catalogued on TecDoc and the OE numbers have been loaded as cross references to aid finding the correct part in the interim period whilst the MAM Autocat+ catalogue is in development with the supplier.



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