Close to the Wire

Spring specialist Kilen explains how budget brands could actually cost more in the long run where coil springs are concerned.

Coil springs are subjected to high levels of stress as they support the weight of the vehicle whilst isolating it from the road. They are also constantly exposed to the elements as well as to stones and grit off the roads, so they need to be made from high quality materials with their surfaces suitably protected from corrosion, to ensure the product withstands years of dynamic use.

Kilen produces the world’s largest range of coil springs for the aftermarket and operates a distribution network holding well over a million units. The current Kilen coil spring range features over 4,700 parts, including an additional 400 parts introduced into the 2015 catalogue. Kilen’s partnership with FPS means same-day delivery is available across almost the entire range.

Often the labour costs associated with a coil spring replacement are more than the cost of the spring itself, so it makes sense to always choose quality over price. It has been commonly observed that the poor quality steel used in some ‘budget’ springs on the market exhibit surface and inner defects. These defects reduce the spring’s fatigue strength, leading to premature sag and increasing the risk of an early breakage.

Only a few steel mills worldwide are capable of achieving the necessary surface tension and internal wire quality required for modern suspension springs and Kilen sources only the highest-grade, specialist spring steel from selected mills for its coil springs.

In order to provide a choice for installers, Kilen’s 2015 coil spring catalogue now includes a range of 86 tapered wire alternatives to sit alongside the existing parallel wire designs. The vast majority of OE springs are produced from parallel wire material; however a small proportion is produced from tapered wire. Although Kilen continues to supply parallel wire for both types of OE, it now offers the installer a choice: parallel wire for durability or tapered wire for the OE look.

The Kilen coil spring range is continuously reviewed and new parts or catalogue amendments are communicated regularly. Electronic catalogues are updated automatically to ensure customers have access to the newest springs in the range as quickly as possible – minimising the need to choose expensive OE springs, even on more modern vehicles.

All Kilen springs are guaranteed to match or exceed the quality of their OE equivalents – backed up by ‘matching quality’ certification. This means they can be installed with confidence during a routine service without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty, unlike some cheaper aftermarket alternatives.

All Kilen parallel wire coil springs are supplied with a 3 year warranty, while the tapered wire alternatives come with 2 year warranty. Kilen is certified to ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 for both quality and environment, ensuring customers receive only the best quality products.

Kilen’s philosophy is to produce and maintain a complete range of automotive springs, with:
• high availability
• short delivery times
• competitive prices

By working with FPS as distribution partner, Kilen provides rapid and reliable deliveries on a same day basis benefitting both factors and their customers.



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