Window Regulators

Choosing the Correct Window Regulators for Best Performance and Reliability

Electric-Life describes the importance of choosing the correct window regulators to reduce return rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Market analysis over the last few years has shown that the window regulator market is one of the most active and fastest-growing segments in the independent automotive aftermarket. The key purchasing criteria of the end-users highlights a necessity for an alternative solution to OE. There is a requirement for the same quality as OE, however a more competitively priced alternative.

Criteria for Choosing the Correct Part

To guarantee the correct part, some fundamental checks are necessary before selecting a replacement window regulator.

Installers should ensure that they have the following information:

  • vehicle type: estate, saloon, coupe, convertible
  • number of doors on the vehicle
  • relevant door side that requires the replacement
  • identify the correct regulator technology required (Cable, Bowden, Double Bowden or Scissor) by removing the door panel

Additional Options

The control function is an added feature on most modern day regulators activated by one touch of the switch. This causes the electric window button to release and the window continues to operate, a window regulator without this function requires the user to maintain pressure on the switch to raise or lower the window.

Other options can include:

  • ‘auto closure’ where the electric windows can be opened and closed by operating the central locking system or remote fob
  • safety functions such as ‘anti-pinch’ where the window will open if an obstruction is detected during closure or in the event of an accident to allow access

A Smart Solution from Electric-Life

Electric-Life has over 30 years’ experience in the development and production of electric window regulators, and is one of Europe’s leading OE manufacturers, offering coverage of more than 95% of the UK car parc. The portfolio of 1,500+ references covers all 4 technologies – Cable, Bowden, Double Bowden and Scissor. The products are developed ‘directly on the door’ of the vehicle, ensuring perfect functionality as well as an easy and quick fitment.

Range Benefits

The main advantage of this range is the substantial number of ‘mechanism-only parts’ or regulators without the motor which in most cases are not the primary cause of failure. Research has shown that the plastic components and the cables, not the motor, are the main parts that fail and that the mechanism can be replaced while reusing the original motor; offering ‘mechanism-only parts’ therefore presents a noticeably profitable option to expert installers.

Quality Guaranteed

Electric-Life develops its own technology of window regulators to guarantee the best performance and reliability. This mean that, while they look different from the OE part, they are essentially the same. The years of experience and expertise in OE development ensures that Electric-Life’s aftermarket range performs to the same quality standards as the original, the parts are produced with the same materials as OE and tested and approved for OE applications.

Electric-Life has adopted QR technology, making it possible to directly obtain the correct fitting instructions and product information for the installers. Furthermore, instructions are readily available on the online catalogue ( and can be easily downloaded.

Parts are also listed on the F:Drive² and MAM Autocat and are available to order from FPS on same/next-day delivery. Speak to your local FPS representative for more information.


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