Easyvison wiper blades cover 95% of the UK car parc

Federal-Mogul introduces Champion’s latest Easyvison wiper blades which now cover 95% of the UK car parc.

Frost and heavy rain can wear out wiper blades. Although this winter has been rather mild, the constant rain we’ve faced has meant wipers have worked harder than usual and many repair jobs and upgrades will be undertaken as a result.

Champion has recently re-engineered its Easyvision range of cost-effective, reliable wipers and with new and improved connector systems, the compact range covers 95% of the European car parc.

New Easyvision Range

The compact Easyvision range is made up of two new flat blades, in addition to a standard blade option. Manufactured in Europe using OE-grade materials, the improved symmetrical designs boast superior quality, matching OE specifications for top performance. Flat blades are easily fitted to the wiper system via two dedicated connector types. The Retro Clip flat blade is engineered to replace conventional blades by directly fitting to 9×3 or 9×4 hook connections.

The Multi Clip flat blade can connect to 7 OE arm-types via its multifunction “7-in-1” connection system. This means that it can be fitted to most popular applications straight from the pack. The standard blade, which comes in 13 lengths, uses a pre-fitted connector for simple assembly and is available in single packs.

The Retro Clip range is made up of 11 single blades and covers over 90% of the UK car parc, whereas the Multi Clip range is made up of 15 single blades and covers over 95% thanks to its unique and adaptable design. Standard blades cover over 90% of applications, with 13 single designs and 3 rear designs available for popular applications.

A word from Champion

Jerry Banks, Federal-Mogul senior product manager explains: “Champion goes a little further by engineering additional features into its aftermarket programmes to increase flexibility and ease of fitting. Providing maximum possible coverage from minimal part numbers is essential.”

The company has received a prestigious PACE award in recognition of its design innovation and for product robustness and ease of installation.

Additional Benefits

New blister packaging protects the blades, helps maximise storage capacity, features clear Easyvision branding, clear part number identification and blade type, along with an application guide and fitting diagrams. They also include QR codes to link users to installation animations. Cataloguing on TecDoc and MAM has also been updated along with investments in marketing support. A newly developed website and mobile app are also available.

Aerovantage Hybrid Technology

The premium, hybrid technology programme is a new addition to the Aerovantage range. The articulated plastic frames use a conventional J-hook type connection which is suitable for most vehicles. The aerodynamic design reduces wind-lift and improves water clearance, whilst the graphite-coated rubber reduces friction and noise. The hybrid blade is manufactured with a steel substructure to support the twin spring flexors and rubber wiping element. They are curved or bowed in shape to equalise pressure along the blade and to optimise windscreen contact.

There are nine part numbers in the programme, covering the full range of sizes required for complete OE coverage – principally for late model Asian cars.



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