Demand for Diesel Defies the Odds

Carwood explains why there is still a significant market for diesel components and the points technicians should check before returning parts.

Cambiare – A Vital Source of Information

With the Cambiare helpline almost reaching 10,000 calls since it launched, Vital News gets some insider knowledge from your favourite technical team.

Spot the Difference Between OE and Aftermarket

KYB takes time out to tackle the common misconception that aftermarket parts are low quality, and explains the reasons for differences between some OE products and their aftermarket counterparts.

KYB Shock absober 3448024

KYB Matches Market Demand Again

KYB has recently launched a shock absorber that fits over 700,000 applications in the UK & Eire car parc.

Stabilus Powerise struts

Lifting The Lid With Stabilus

Did you know that FPS introduced a range of 6 POWERISE® Electric Motor Struts from Stabilus in the first half of 2019?

Fahren wheel bearing kits

4 Symptoms of Wheel Bearing Failure

Fahren describes what to look out for with worn wheel hub bearings to ensure a more costly repair is not needed later.

Cambiare range extension

Cambiare Keeps Growing – Range Extension

Cambiare has recently added 60 new products to its existing portfolio covering a wide range of popular applications.

Bosch diesel filters

Filtering The Options

As a leading manufacturer of quality diesel fuel systems to the major vehicle manufacturers, Bosch explains what their fuel filters have to offer.