Wendy Williamson - IAAF

The Survival of the Automotive Aftermarket

With the growing prominence of electric and autonomous vehicles in the public eye, the future of the aftermarket is on everyone’s mind this year. Wendy Williamson, Chief Executive of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), weighs in on the impact on the industry.

BTN OE replacement Turbo

BTN Turbos Now Available on Same-Day Delivery

FPS, in partnership with BTN Turbo, is now offering genuine OE turbos on a same-day delivery service for local customers in Sheffield and Glasgow.

First Line Turbo Hoses

With more than 600 hoses and 30+ hose clips in range, First Line continues to offer reliable and affordable OE quality alternatives to traditionally dealer only products.

BGA Star Climbers

BGA shares a list of their best performing parts this year, along with some key pointers about the parts.