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With the Cambiare helpline almost reaching 10,000 calls since it launched, Vital News gets some insider knowledge from your favourite technical team.

As technology develops faster than ever and the aftermarket demands evolve, it is important that suppliers are able to support their customers’ needs. Cambiare backs up their extensive range offering with technical expertise to match, which they are happy to share. The technical team tells Vital News what they can assist with.

1) So, what can you help with?

Our motto is “no question too small, no problem too large” and we mean it. We support customers on a daily basis with anything from questions on applications and cross-referencing, to troubleshooting automotive issues. With more years in the trade than we would want to divulge, we are all Master Technicians with the expertise to deal with most queries. By researching the latest information from manufacturers and suppliers, we take a proactive approach to learning in order to assist as best we can.

2) What do people want to know?

The majority of enquiries we get are about applications, usually requiring our guidance to understand chassis number breaks or engine number structures so that customers can select the right part.

3) What is the most asked about component?

We deal with such a variety of questions that we rarely get the same call twice. In fact, the most enquiries we’ve had about a single part number so far this year is seven. Lambda sensors can often cause confusion as vehicle manufacturers update the technology to keep up with the ever-changing emissions demands. This can lead to multiple sensors appearing to be listed for the same car, when only one is correct.

4) Do you have a favourite type of phone call?

Customers taking the time to feedback to us when they have resolved a technical problem is always welcome. This enables us to update the information in our database and provide faster solutions to future callers.
While we’re happy to receive all calls, we particularly enjoy the meaty ones that take a little investigating. Last month we had a customer asking about a running problem on a Mercedes C200 that was particularly interesting. The fault code led him to replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor; however, this didn’t resolve the issue and made him question the quality of our parts. After researching the crankcase breather system, we became aware of a small breather hose, which sits hidden below the air filter box and perishes over time. This allows unmetered air to bypass the Mass Air Flow Sensor, triggering the same fault code since there isn’t a specific code for a split hose. On our advice, he rechecked the car and found that the hose had indeed failed, and after replacing it, had a smooth running engine again!

5) What is the most bizarre question you’ve been asked?

We once had a phone call from a customer who wanted to know if we had an ignition coil that could ignite the furnace he was building to turn wood into charcoal!

The Cambiare technical team are available between 8.30-17.00, Monday to Thursday and 8.30-16.00 Friday on 0845 543 8280. You can also find assistance on the Cambiare website where technical bulletins explaining common issues are located.

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