Cambiare expands

Cambiare range expansion continues

Addressing the ever-increasing demands for engine management products, Cambiare has now added 97 new parts to its range, including 5-wire lambda sensors.

Vehicle electronics specialist Cambiare has always been at the helm of understanding and introducing those parts that cater for the demands of the aftermarket and has recently introduced 25 x 5-wire lambda sensors to range, covering more than 700k vehicles on the UK roads.

Highlights include:

  • VE381747 for Suzuki Swift 1.2 (10/2010>)
  • VE381745 for Renault Megane 1.6 (11/2008-08/2015)
  • VE381751 for VW Golf 1.4 (11/2012>)

Since the introduction of Euro 4 emissions standards, the 5-wire lambda sensor has become an essential component in modern, lean burn and direct injection engines. Traditionally, the signal sent from the lambda sensor to the ECU was a binary signal, indicating only if the air-fuel mixture was rich or lean; it couldn’t relay the degree of richness or leanness.

The 5-wire sensor, on the other hand, sends a more sophisticated message to the ECU; the signal is a constant and variable voltage from 0 to 5 volts (0 indicating an extremely lean mixture and 5 volts, a very rich mixture). This helps the engine to adjust fuel injection according to the measurements, deliver greater accuracy and achieve stricter emission targets than other types of sensors.

Additionally, Cambiare has added 72 other new-to-range parts that cover 7.9 million vehicles on the UK roads. These include 14 x pressure converters, 13 x fuel pumps and 10 x engine position sensors.

Highlights include:

  • VE715025: Camshaft Adjustment Solenoid Valve for Toyota Avensis 2.0 (03/2003-12/2009)
  • VE363602: Crankshaft Sensor for Fiat 500 1.2 (01/2008>)
  • VE706142: Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch for Ford C-Max 1.6 (04/2007-07/2010)

All new-to-range parts are OE quality, backed by 2 year/30,000 mile warranty and catalogued on the Cambiare website ( as well as the F:Drive and MAM Autocat+. Speak to your local Cambiare or FPS representative for details.



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