Cambiare Quality-Checked Air Mass Sensors

Cambiare provides the aftermarket with a credible range of OE matching quality air mass sensors.

Cambiare’s range of air mass sensors currently total at more than 150 parts, covering over 1 million vehicles within the UK car parc. 100% tested in the UK, Cambiare air mass sensors are OEM quality and BER compliant.

Highlights include:

  • VE700265 for Ford Focus 1.6 (2004-2012)
  • VE700130 for VW Golf 1.9 (2002-2004)
  • VE700214 for Ford Fusion 1.4 (2005-2011)

The air mass sensor detects the mass of air that is drawn into the engine. This measurement is relayed to the ECU in order to determine the appropriate fuel to air mixture to optimise the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. The air mass sensor is also integral in controlling and monitoring the EGR flow rate in modern diesel applications.

Cambiare ensures that all air mass sensors are quality tested in the UK before releasing them to the aftermarket. To help maintain confidence in the part, only units that meet Cambiare’s strict performance receive a “TESTED” stamp as a sign of quality approval.

Alongside air mass sensors, Cambiare also has a wide range of vehicle electronics and engine management products in range. All Cambiare parts are backed by a 2-year/30,000-mile warranty and are fully catalogued on the Cambiare website,, MAM Autocat and the F:Drive.

For more information, please speak with your local FPS Representative.