Cambiare Product Range

Cambiare Price Realignment

Starting April 2017, Cambiare will reduce their list prices by 2% and adjust the rebate and invoice mix to buying groups, resulting in an overall weighted reduction of 6.7% to the market.

The realignment applies not only to key product lines like lambda sensors, fuel, EGR and ignition but to the complete range including engine position sensors, temperature sensors and another 26 various product groups in the Cambiare portfolio.

Backed up by Cambiare’s catalogue available on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat, Cambiare provides a technical support hotline and same-day delivery service from FPS, Cambiare are able to offer their customers one of the most comprehensive ranges available in engine management. With a committed range development programme, Cambiare will continue to add new and quality products to their portfolio and offer customers one of the best services and ranges within the UK.

For more information, please speak to your local FPS representative.


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