Cambiare Fuel Pump

Cambiare Fuel Pumps Now Available!

Cambiare is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of electrical and mechanical fuel pumps, now available from FPS.

Comprising 155 parts and covering over 3,000  applications, Cambiare’s new range of fuel pumps   is composed of mechanical and electric units. While the majority of vehicles now utilise electrical fuel pumps, many cars on the roads are still equipped with older, mechanical pumps. Considering this, Cambiare supports both sections of the car parc thanks to a wide selection of  fuel pumps including:

  • Electrical units
    – in-line
    – in-tank
  • Mechanical units


Fuel Pumps Explained

Electronic Fuel Pumps

Electronic Fuel Pumps are found on most modern vehicles which possess an electronic fuel-injected engine. These engines operate at high pressures and therefore require more sophisticated injection strategies than what a mechanical pump can supply.

There are two types of electronic fuel pumps; in-line and in-tank.  In-line fuel pumps are installed in the fuel line, after the fuel tank. In-tank systems are located inside the fuel tank and incorporate the fuel level gauge as an integral part of the pump. The system is run by a DC motor which produces heat, so positioning the pump inside the tank or along the fuel line ensures that it is constantly flooded with fuel, helping to lubricate the moving parts and cool the motor to prevent overheating.

Of course, the electronic fuel pump only works if the fuel level is maintained. If the fuel level is low, the pump has to work much harder to produce the high pressure that the injection system requires. There is also less fuel to cool and lubricate the pump. Even running on low fuel can accelerate the wear of the pump.

Mechanical Fuel Pumps

The primary reason that mechanical fuel pumps are not used in modern engines is down to the pressure and flow rate (volume). Driven by the camshaft, the mechanical pump is usually fixed to the engine block and uses the power of the engine to drive the pump. This delivers fuel to the carburettor at low pressure – around 0.2-0.3 bar. It is this lack of pressure that makes mechanical fuel pumps unsuitable for today’s high pressure systems.

The demise of the carburetted engine means that mechanical pumps are now found on older vehicles, predominantly pre-1995. This is therefore a shrinking, though by no means insignificant, section of the car parc. As a result, the OE manufacturers have largely pulled out of this market.


Cambiare Fuel Pumps…

Each Cambiare Fuel Pump is supplied with comprehensive instructions and all relevant fittings, such as strainers, gaskets, hose clamps, washers, plugs & connecting wires, sleeves and connecting rubber hoses, where required.

Cambiare fuel pumps are supported by a 2 year or 30,000 mile warranty. All parts are available next-day, with the fastest moving references delivered same-day from your local FPS branch.

Or why not get up and running today with a stock pack? Talk to your FPS Representative for more details about this exciting new opportunity.




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