Cambiare EGR Valves

Cambiare EGR Valves Range has been extended

Cambiare has recently extended its range of EGR valves and now has over 140 part numbers catalogued, including 97 references from Pierburg.

Following a recent range development, Cambiare has extended its EGR valve offering, alongside Pierburg, providing the most comprehensive EGR solution in the aftermarket.

Both pneumatic and electric EGR valves are available from Cambiare and Pierburg, covering popular vehicles from marques including Ford, Mercedes, Renault and Vauxhall.

Why do EGR Valves Fail?

The most common cause of failure in the EGR system is seized or cabonised EGR valves. There are several causes of this:

  • Soot, carbon and oil deposists can build up on the valve, causing it to stick
  • Excessively high temperature in the system can damage the valve
  • Pneumatically operated valves may be effected by faults in other vacuum system components

If an EGR valve is faulty, it is important that it is replaced rather than attempting to clean the unit.

The Cambiare EGR Valve Range

The Cambiare EGR Valves range is available to order from FPS, alongside the Pierburg range of 97 OE EGR valves, ensuring that the FPS range covers the needs of all customers.

As with all Cambiare products, EGR valves are covered by a 2 year or 30,000 mile warranty. Pierburg references are covered by a 24 month warranty*.


*24 months from the date that the product is delivered.


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