Brita Water Filters

Brita Water Filters

FPS introduces the latest Brita water filtration range that reduce limescale, chlorine and taste impairing substances commonly found in hard tap water.

Brita currently filters drinking water in more than 4.8 million UK households providing families with a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to buying bottled water.

Highlights include:

  • fill & enjoy Fun Jugs 1.5L in Blue (1019402), Pink (1019401), Purple (1019403) and Lime (1019400)
  • fill & go Vital 500ml in Blue (1020103), Pink (1020102), Purple (1020104) and Lime (1020105)
  • fill & go Active 500ml in Blue (1020336), Pink (1020337), Purple (1020339) and Lime (1020338)
  • Maxtra Cartridge Single (209985)
  • Micro Discs 3pk (1020107)

The latest range of 600ml fill & go bottles come in bright and attractive colours and provide filtered hydration on the go. With an easy opening mouthpiece and a high capacity, the fill & go Vital allows convenient hydration while enjoying a day out, camping or caravanning. fill & go Active bottles come with a convenient sports top and squeezable bottle making it an ideal choice for car journeys, sporting events and the gym.

With a 1.5 litre capacity, the Fun Jug is an ideal choice for caravan fridges as it is compact and easy to store, with the ability to be stored within most caravan fridge door compartments.

Retailers can also enjoy consistent revenue and repeat purchases with Brita Maxtra filter cartridges (compatible with Fun Jugs) and Micro Disc 3 pack filter cartridges (Fill and Go Active/ Vital) as users are advised to replace them periodically.

The latest range of Brita water filtration products are available from FPS via the F:Drive. For more information, speak with your local FPS representative today.