Braymann wear leads now available

Braymann is one of the very few suppliers in the aftermarket to offer a full programme of wear leads and braking accessories.

Now available in our range is a comprehensive braking programme from Braymann.

This range includes over 100 wear leads and 450 fitting kits for pads and shoes, as well as 40 adjusters.

With driver safety at the forefront of its programme, the Braymann offering is manufactured to OE specifications and guarantees optimum performance. All parts are quality tested and comply with regulations, giving customers peace of mind, that while supplied at aftermarket prices, the product in the box replicates the OE profile. Each product is also backed by a 2 year warranty / 24,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first.


Brake pad wear used to be indicated by an acoustic wear clip. Once the pad’s friction material wore too low and caught on the brake disc, a high pitched squeal was emitted. A significant amount of modern vehicles however, use an electronic warning system and many more are expected to evolve in the same way. In this instance, wear leads sit within the brake pad material, so if worn too low, a wire in the sensor comes into contact with the metal of the brake disc. This creates an electrical circuit illuminating a dashboard light as an indicator instead.

Brake pad wear is dependent on a number of factors, including driving style. As a consequence, there is no set interval for replacement. Brakes, as a serviceable item should be monitored annually. If a garage does discover that brake pads need replacing, the wear lead will also need to be replaced. This provides an excellent cross-selling opportunity for brakes sold without leads.

Additionally, fittings subjected to wear and tear will have ultimately stretched over time. Within one or two years, tension in the flitting clip, for example, reduces by 50%. When a brake pad or shoe is replaced, fittings should also be changed. Noise, rattle, uneven wear and tear and posssible damage to the brake discs and drums could occur if not.

Braymann is one of the very few suppliers in the aftermarket to offer a full programme of wear leads and braking accessories. Competitive pricing allow factors to offer appealing packages to meet their customers’ needs. The range covers all major, modern vehicle applications, including top-end applications for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and many more. The entire programme has been cross referred to the major players in the market with identical specs.

Thanks to its new partnership with us, the Braymann range will now be available with same-day and next-day delivery.


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