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We stock a diverse range of products that cater for a number of different industries. Placing particular importance on product management and development, we work closely with leading suppliers to ensure that our range and availability of products remain the best that the market can offer. See below for a list of product groups and brands we supply.

Our product management services are further supported by a number of value added services including marketing and technical support. We deliver the full package; sourced, managed, and developed by us, for you.

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Company: 5Star - Office Products
Website: http://spicers.co.uk/products/5-star/

5 Star™ provides a comprehensive product portfolio and outstanding value, delivering quality at an affordable price. In addition our 5 Star™ 1 Year no quibble guarantee means you can buy with confidence every time, while all 5 Star™ products are sourced, handled & distributed in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.

Company: ABUS UK Ltd
Website: https://www.abus.com/uk

Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer, they ensure that their products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security.

Company: Active Products
Website: http://www.active-products.co.uk/

Active Products is a privately owned company formed in 2003 who are involved in the manufacture, import, sourcing and distributing of torches & lights. They are committed to offering excellent service levels and supply to 60 customers in the UK.

Company: Adblue
Website: http://www.greenoxsolution.co.uk/

AdBlue is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of diesel engine motor vehicles. AdBlue is carried onboard SCR-equipped vehicles in specially designed tanks. All European truck manufacturers offer SCR-equipped models, and the future Euro VI emission standard will reinforce the demand for this technology.

Company: Add-It
Website: http://www.addituk.com

The Add-It brand is exclusively available via FPS to the independent automotive aftermarket. It comprises a range of high performance engine additives and treatments. The products are specifically designed for the maintenance needs of professional garages.

Company: AE
Website: http://goo.gl/ozWbZi
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The top engine expert.  Premium quality and technology for valves and camtrain covering the widest range of top engine applications.

Company: Anaf Fire Protection
Website: http://www.anaf.biz/

Anaf Fire Protection is one of Europe’s leading companies in the innovation and distribution of portable fire extinguishers for automotive and marine markets.Anaf products are certified by competent national organisations, to ensure compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC, the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC, and BS EN 3 standard for portable fire extinguishers.

Company: Armorall
Website: http://www.armorall.eu/uk/home

Established in 1972, Armor All is a market leader in car care products. With continued dedication to the development of high quality, easy-to-use car care, Armor All has won countless awards for its innovative cleaning and washing formulas. With 40 years’ experience in the industry, Armor All is committed to keeping your car looking as good as new.

Company: Armstead

Armstead Trade Paint is a comprehensive range of everyday and specialist finishes professionals can always rely on. The water based trim can also help achieve sustainability ambitions, its a tough and durable vinyl matt emulsion for ceilings and walls. Available in many colours.

Company: Arnott Europe
Website: https://www.arnotteurope.com/

For over 25 years, Arnott has been the innovator in replacement products for air suspension. Globally, Arnott is the industry leader in manufacturing quality air suspension products including: air strut, spring and compressors for the aftermarket through their commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Company: Auto Pro

Autopro exterior care has worked closely with leading companies in various industries to develop a range of exterior valeting products. The range delivers excellent performance at cost-effective prices, for both the professional and semi-professional consumer.

Company: Autosol
Website: http://www.autosol.com/

Autosol has been supplying quality metal, car care, and marine products since 1929. Autosol Metal Polish is the best selling metal polish paste in the world.

Company: Autotek

Autotek is a premium brand consisting of aerosol paint products. The range caters for the majority of priming and specialist painting applications, including wheel and very high temperature paints (VHT). All Autotek products are compliant with the ‘VOC’ (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulation which sets limits on the maximum VOC content of coatings.

Company: Bahama and Co.
Website: http://bahama-co.com/

Bahama & Co, Driven and Refresh Your Car, are a range of car air frehseners that offers an array of different fragraces. The invigorating scents emilinate unwanted odors and keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Company: Bailcast
Website: http://www.bailcast.com/
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With over 30 years' experience in the design and manufacture of rubber vehicle components, Bailcast supplies both OE Style and universal stretchy CV boots and stretchy steering rack boots. Along with the boots, Bailcast also manufacture the Duragun® and Duralec® CV boot fitting tools.

Company: Bars

Bars is a globally-recognised brand providing cooling system solutions since 1947. Their products are designed for complete cooling system protection. Bars has a company-wide commitment to ensuring that their products are produced to the highest possible quality, striving for consistent, continual improvement.

Company: Behr Hella Service
Website: http://www.behrhellaservice.com
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Behr Hella Service is a joint venture of the two companies Behr and Hella. It was created for the purpose of jointly covering the global independent aftermarket for vehicle Air Conditioning. Behr Hella Services are Europe’s No.1 Supply for thermal management products and have the largest range of OEM products.

Company: BG Automotive - BGA
Website: http://www.bgautomotive.co.uk/
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BG Automotive (BGA) are a world leader in Gasket Manufacturing and have been an Original Equipment supplier since 1929. BGA is the automotive aftermarket division, based in the UK, and is dedicated to servicing the industry with an extensive product range, covering Gaskets and Gasket Sets, Engine Valves, Camshafts and Followers, Oil Pumps, Crankshaft Vibration Dampers and Timing Chain Kits.

Company: Bic
Website: http://www.bicworld.com/en/homepage/homepage/

BIC® products provide easy answers for everyday needs. In creating its first product, the BIC® Cristal® ballpoint pen, BIC chose to go straight to what’s essential: create something simple, yet reliable, which eases something we all do, that everyone can use. This vision is at the heart of every brand move BIC makes.

Company: Blue Print
Website: http://www.blue-print.com/
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Blue Print is now the UK’s largest brand of Aftermarket components for Japanese, Korean and American vehicles, providing highly accurate parts, technical and information solutions for more than 160 different types of automotive components.

Company: Boge
Website: http://bit.ly/1f3oW4T
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Boge is a brand of ZF Services UK Ltd. ZF Services GmbH is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers in the powertrain and suspension sectors and is a major player in the international replacement parts market, bringing together the strength and experience of the SACHS, LEMFÖRDER and BOGE brands under one roof.

Company: Bosch
Website: https://uk.bosch-automotive.com/en
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Bosch is the world leading supplier of automotive parts in the aftermarket. It is well known for its premium quality products which cover a vast range of product groups, including: Wipers, Engine Management, Diesel Pumps & Injectors, Filtration, Rotating, Steering, Lighting, Braking, Spark & Glow Plugs and Comfort Electrics

Company: Bostik
Website: http://www.bostik.co.uk/

Bostik is one of the world's leading providers of adhesive and sealant solutions. Their products are manufactured to the highest specifications, ensuring that they consistently deliver superior performance and high quality results. Bostik is an instantly recognisable, worldwide brand and has built its reputation on providing first class support, combined with commitment to innovation and service.

Company: Brakefit
Website: http://www.brakefit.com/

Company: Braymann
Website: http://braymann.co.uk/
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Braymann has a comprehensive braking program consisting of brake pads, brake shoes, caliper kits, fitting kits, shoe adjusters and wear leads. With driver safety at the forefront of its programme, Braymann parts are manufactured to OE specifications and guarantee optimum performance. All products are covered by a 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first.

Company: BTN Turbo
Website: http://www.btnturbo.com/

BTN Turbo has nearly 40 years of experience in the turbocharger industry and is the world's largest independent turbo supplier. They supply brand new Original Equipment turbochargers, as fitted by vehicle manufacturers, plus remanufactured turbos using only Original Equipment parts.

Company: CAE
Website: http://www.caeurope.co.uk/

Custom Accessories Europe (CAE) has developed a high reputation for design and innovation and is a leading developer, producer and marketer of automotive accessories. Their success is based on supplying top licensed brands and character merchandise to the automotive aftermarket, such as AirWick, Disney, Hello Kitty, Jelly Belly, Michelin, Muppets, Sponge Bob, The Simpsons, Top Gear, Toy Story and Winnie The Pooh.

Company: Caliber

Founded in the early nineties, Caliber is one of Europe’s premium brands of aftermarket car audio. The products are developed in the Netherlands by Caliber’s experienced audio designers and then manufactured in certified factories. This formula has been a success since the start, providing high-quality European design, feature laden products and cost-effective manufacturing – without compromising on quality or performance.

Company: Cambiare
Website: http://www.cambiare-ve.com/
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Cambiare is a specialist vehicle electronics brand offering an extensive range of OE and BER compliant products. All products are manufactured in modern ISO9001 facilities. The Cambiare range includes Air Mass Sensors, EGR Valves, Ignition Coils, Lambda and ABS Sensors, Ignition Leads, Sensors & Switches. All products are covered by a 2 year or 30,000 mile warranty. Technical, field and marketing support are available.

Company: CarGo

The CarGo brand name was established in 1959, when the CarGo Chemical Company was founded. They have been dedicated to professional quality ever since and CarGo is now a leading manufacturer of speciality chemical products, including sealants and adhesives.

Company: Carwood
Website: http://www.carwood.co.uk/

Carwood Motor Units Ltd was established as a local automotive parts business based in 1966. The Company’s main areas of expertise are in remanufacturing, technical services and logistics. The company focuses on diesel fuel injection, ranging from passenger cars to cable cars, from trucks to trains, from earth movers to people carriers and from tanks to buses.

Company: Castle Promotions
Website: http://www.castlepromotions.co.uk

Castle Promotions specialise in Digital Printing & Screen Printing onto Vinyl. They manufacture and sell car stickers, promotional stickers, tax disc holders, window films, diamond hangers and adhesive letters and numbers. Their large stock of automotive products is one of the most comprehensive in Britain.

Company: Castrol
Website: http://www.castrol.com/en_gb/united-kingdom.html

Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world's leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions. The Castrol name is synonymous with premium quality, high performance and leading edge technology in lubrication. Since its establishment in 1899, a diverse product range has been developed, for many different uses, including lubricants for cars and bikes, gas and electricity production, construction, refrigeration and industry.

Company: Castrol Classic

Within the Castrol Classic product portfolio there are a range of engine oils, gear oils and greases, which are all manufactured to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by the OE vehicle manufacturers. To further support the historic brand there are a range of classic accessories and memorabilia all manufactured to the same style as the products used many years ago.

Company: Celsus
Website: http://www.celsusice.co.uk

Celsus specialise in Car Audio Accessories. They supply high quality and high performance products aimed at past, present and future generation auto technology. The Celsus range of vehicle fitting solutions is one of the most comprehensive available today, addressing the demands of CAN Bus through to a vast range of Fascia's, ISO leads, Stalk controllers and Antenna adaptors.

Company: Champion
Website: http://www.championautoparts.co.uk/products/light-vehicles/wipers.html
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For more than 100 years, Champion® has been one of the world’s most respected brands, providing a wide array of service replacement parts. Their Aerovantage, Easyvision and Rainy Day ranges provide a high quality, technologically advanced wiping system for the demands of modern motoring.

Company: Classic Mats

The Classic Car Mats, Tailored Car Mats and Premium Car Mats are an easy to fit solution are available for almost all vehicle make and models. The tough and durable mats have a strong gripped underside to stop any movement once the mats are installed. They can also help to reduce road noise found in a vehicle when driving at high speeds.

Company: Clean Tabs
Website: http://www.cleantabs.co.uk

Clean Tabs Ltd has developed a range of products to care for the many aspects of stored water.  When away on holiday, touring by caravan, motorhome or boat, Clean Tabs Ltd provides specialist products to prevent the growth of bacteria and potential health hazards to the water that customers are using.

Company: Cleenol
Website: http://www.cleenol.co.uk/

Cleenol is an independent private family owned and run company which can trace its roots back to the early 1700s. With over 50 years of service and innovation in the cleaning chemicals industry. Cleenol pioneered the development of training systems and hygiene awareness campaigns which subsequently formed the basis of today’s health and safety legislation, and was one of the first companies in the industry to be awarded the ISO 9001 quality certification.

Company: Comma
Website: http://www.commaoil.com/

Founded in 1965, Comma is now the first-choice supplier of engine oils to independent workshop mechanics in the UK. With over 30 years’ experience and a long association with the world of motorsports, Comma has become synonymous with quality automotive lubricants and car care products. They provide a comprehensive range of oils, additives and winter products.

Company: Connect
Website: http://www.connect-consumables.co.uk/

The comprehensive range of Connect workshop consumables has been developed by the Tool Connection. By drawing on the knowledge and expertise of industry professionals with 26 years of experience in the workshop consumables sector, the Tool Connection have been able to offer a range of fast moving items covering the essential needs of today’s workshops.

Company: CORTECO
Website: http://www.corteco.com/en/startseite/
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Corteco is the aftermarket distribution arm of Freudenberg, one of the world's largest manufacturers of OEM parts. This gives Corteco access to the development and know-how of a company with a long tradition of OE productions. CORTECO specialises in automotive spare parts in the areas of Vibration Control, Sealing and Cabin Air Filtration.

Company: Cosmos
Website: http://www.comotpro.com/

Cosmos is a leading manufacturer of ‘traditional’ seat covers, water resistant covers and boot liners. Pride is taken in ensuring that their products not only protect, but also enhance the image of the vehicle through simple, yet effective solutions.

Company: Cougar
Website: http://www.cougardevelopments.co.uk/

Cougar has manufactured Garage Equipment for over 40 years, offering a quality range of ramp equipment and accessories. They quickly became the market leaders in the manufacture of safe, low cost car ramps and supply to many of the UK and Europe’s leading automotive wholesalers.

Company: CR Diesel

The Common Rail Diesel programme consists of OE-approved, remanufactured common rail fuel pumps and injectors from 4 OE suppliers. Components are remanufactured using original parts – the same as the vehicle manufacturers. All products are covered by a 2 year or 40,000 mile warranty.

Company: Deb UK
Website: http://www.debgroup.com/uk

Deb is a world leader in occupational skin care and hand hygiene. They have been providing dedicated skin care and hand hygiene solutions for over 80 years. Our purpose is to set higher standards in leading the fight against occupational skin disorders and the spread of infections to "Make Hands Matter in the Workplace".

Company: Decosol
Website: http://www.decosol.co.uk/

Decosol is a family business that was established in 1935. It was one of the first companies in the UK to manufacture chemical products for use in the cleaning of motor vehicles. Today, it is a leading name within the automotive cleaning market and the brand has become synonymous with high performance upholstery cleaners and screen wash.

Company: Denso
Website: http://denso-europe.com/denso-global/uk/denso-sales-uk-ltd/

DENSO is one of Europe's most respected suppliers of automotive parts for the Aftermarket, and offer an extensive range of OE quality parts programmes, many of which include unique technologies and applications. Programmes available from FPS include Alternators, Radiator Fans, Heater Radiators, High Pressure Pumps, Interior Blowers, Radiators & Starter Motors.

Company: Dirteeze
Website: http://www.dirteeze.com

Dirteeze Trade Wipes are made from a unique blend of viscose and polyester, giving them a real and noticeable difference against other leading brand wipes. The Dirteeze range of wipers is built on passion! Products have been developed not by following others, rather leading the way in developing the best solutions for the wiping tasks in hand.

Company: Dometic
Website: http://www.dometicgroup.com

Global specialists in manufacturing of refrigeration solutions based on the absorption technology, the range also includes climate control systems, windows, doors and sanitation systems

Company: Dorset Tube
Website: http://www.dorsettubes.co.uk/

Dorset Tube is a specialist manufacturer of precision copper and copper nickel tubing, capable of producing tubes in lengths of 6mm up to 10m. Experts in making tubes to exact tempers anywhere from soft to skin hard, all to withstand complex bending operations.

Company: Duracell
Website: https://www.duracell.co.uk/

Duracell is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries, specialty cells and rechargeables. Since its foundation in the early 1940s, the company has become an iconic personal power brand, trusted for compact and longer-lasting batteries. And at the heart of it all has been the Duracell Bunny.

Company: Dynamat
Website: http://www.dynamat.co.uk/

Dynamat, a Dynamic Control brand, is recognized by consumers around the world as a quality product for solutions to unwanted noise, heat and vibration. Dynamat creates a "sonic barrier" that restores dynamic range lost to road noise. Dynamic Control also provides a broad range of unique product solutions for home acoustics, computers, appliances and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Company: Ecospill
Website: http://www.ecospill.org.uk

Ecospill was established in 2010 and has since become a market leader in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of spill prevention, containment and control products and services via a network of approved distributors. They have quickly gained a reputation as industry’s ‘first choice’ for companies who require sensible, practical and cost effective solutions to their spill related issues.

Company: Electric-Life
Website: http://www.algo.it/en/
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ALGO spa was founded in 1978 and manufactures both manual and electric window regulators under the Electric-Life brand - available exclusively through FPS.

Company: Elsan
Website: http://www.elsan.co.uk/

In 1924 Elsan introduced chemical sanitation to the world and for almost 90 years has been helping to maintain hygiene standards whilst continuing to pioneer developments in waste treatment. Elsan manufactures their own products and is located in the rural Sussex town of Uckfield, in southern England. Elsan offers a full selection of support chemicals to help safely enjoy your time when camping, caravanning or using your motor home.

Company: Energizer
Website: http://www.energizer.com

It all began with Energizer's invention of the first dry cell battery back in the 1890s. Since then, Energizer's pioneering spirit has driven them forward, leaving behind a rich history of highlights across numerous consumer brands. The range includes cables, chargers and extension sockets, as well as automotive power packs such as jump starters, inverters and compressors.

Company: Espuma
Website: http://www.espuma.co.uk/

Espuma Cleaner Solutions Ltd is a professional dynamic cleaning chemical and equipment supplier, offering innovative car care products and supplies to wide and varied industrial sectors throughout the UK. Espuma has a product range built upon over 25 years of experience in the specialised chemical and coatings industry, giving uncompromised performance in the highly competitive car care products market including the Rhino range.

Company: Evostik

Evostik offers a wide range of high quality adhesives and sealants for DIY and trade use. The range of adhesives is suitable for metal, wood, masonry, ceramics, glass, most hard plastics and many other materials.

Company: Fahren

Fahren is a brand that offers customers quality products at competitive prices. The Fahren range includes Steering & Suspension, Wheel Bearing Kits, Brake Pads & Shoes, Ignition Coils and Water Pumps. All products come with a 12,000 Mile or 1 year warranty, whichever comes first.

Company: Farecla
Website: http://www.farecla.com/

Established in the 1950’s, Farecla is the market leading brand of premium, high quality surface finishing products. Farécla’s range of surface finishing compounds is regarded as the professional’s number one choice around the world. Technically advanced formulas developed alongside paint and lacquer manufacturers, make them safe and effective for all paint types.

Company: febi bilstein
Website: http://www.febi.com/febicouk/home.html
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Founded in 1844, febi bilstein is now one of the world’s leading global manufacturers and suppliers of passenger car and commercial vehicle spare parts in the independent aftermarket. From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel fastening technology to vehicle electronics – in addition to core products febi provide FPS with unique first to market products and gap filling for niche products.

Company: Federal-Mogul
Website: http://www.federalmogul.com/en-GB/Pages/Home.aspx
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Through FPS, Federal-Mogul offers some of the industry’s best-known brands and products. Customers can access a complete package for engine repairs through a group of expert brands that perform to OE standards. These include AE valve and camtrain, Glyco bearings, Goetze piston rings and liners, Nural pistons and Payen gaskets, seals and head bolts.

Company: Fenwicks
Website: http://www.fenwicks.info

Fenwick’s is a leading UK brand for caravan cleaning products, developing a strong reputation for high quality products at competitive prices. Fenwick’s products have been designed to be environmentally friendly and it’s these values that have been the backbone to Fenwick’s success.

Company: First Line
Website: http://www.firstline.co.uk/
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First Line is an established world-wide supplier of quality automotive components to the vehicle aftermarket. With over 25 years’ experience, First Line offers its customers the widest range of products, including a full steering & suspension programme, wheel bearing kits, water pumps and engine mounts, providing the best coverage of quality parts for all makes.

Company: Flexovit
Website: http://www.saint-gobain-abrasives.com/en-gb/products

Established in 1958, Flexovit joined Saint Gobain in 1998 and, through the years, has developed towards a worldwide brand with the image of excellence. Flexovit offers a very complete collection of high performance and high value abrasives for use in all industrial markets, in addition to a merchandising line of pre-packaged abrasives, ideal for Distribution & DIY markets.

Company: Fram
Website: http://www.fram-europe.com
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With one of the world’s most extensive filtration ranges including oil, air, diesel, fuel and cabin air filters for automotive, commercial vehicle and off-road use, FRAM® is the brand of choice for demanding customers all around the world.

Company: FTE
Website: https://www.fte-automotive.com/

The FTE automotive Group is your competent partner in the sector of development and production of drive train and brake system applications for the automotive industry. The company is located in all important continents and one of the leading OE-suppliers for passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide.

Company: Gates
Website: https://www.gatestechzone.com/
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In the global automotive industry, the name Gates is synonymous with high-quality products and services that solve problems and add value. Gates' belt drive systems are specified by OEMs around the world, which enables Gates to provide OE-equivalent products to the automotive aftermarket.

Company: GKN
Website: http://www.gkndriveline.com/drivelinecms/opencms/en

GKN provides technology-based, highly engineered products to the world's automotive manufacturers. GKN is committed to continued technological research and development, working in partnership with leading vehicle manufacturers to solve specific engineering challenges. Products include driveshaft and geared component technologies.

Company: Glyco
Website: http://bit.ly/1t1MCHy
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Every bearing you need from the technology leader. Glyco supplies bearings as original equipment for over 70 vehicle manufacturers.

Company: Goetze
Website: http://bit.ly/1u6mISu
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OE specification piston rings and liners -  including Diamond Coated® and LKZ® technology.

Company: Granville
Website: http://granvilleoil.com/products.php

Whilst a little over 50% of Granville business is in the lubricants sector they also manufacture and market chemical products – including specialised coatings, water based rust converters and other more conventional automotive chemicals (antifreeze, screenwash, polishes etc.). Brands include Gunk, Ambersil, Autosol, Jenolite.

Company: GS Batteries
Website: http://www.gsbattery.com/
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GS batteries are a complete range of OE quality batteries. Applications covered include car, CV, marine, leisure & motorcycle. The range also includes GS Titan AGM batteries for use with the very latest stop/start engine technology, as well as Specialist Japanese batteries, which fit popular Japanese applications including the Honda Jazz and Toyota Prius.

Company: GT85
Website: http://www.gt85.co.uk/

GT85 is a PTFE spray that amateurs and professionals use in over 18 countries worldwide. Their heritage lies in the motor racing, biking, cycling, mountain biking and motorcycle sports arenas. The products have numerous uses from loosening rusted parts to degreasing bicycle chains and links.

Company: Gunk
Website: http://www.gadco-europe.com/

For more than 50 years, Gunk, the industry leader and most trusted name in cleaning and degreasing, has provided optimised solutions to tackle the toughest grease, grime and gunk. Gunk products are recognised worldwide for reliability and effective cleaning performance.

Company: Gunson
Website: http://www.gunson.co.uk/

Gunson is part of the Tool Connection brand. Their range consists of tooling for batteries, bodywork and trim, brakes and wheels and diagnostic and electric equipment and is constantly updated with additions to the range.

Company: Hama
Website: https://uk.hama.com

With over 9,300 active product lines, Hama (UK) Ltd. are one of the leading accessory companies in the UK, specialising in a number of areas including photo, digital, audiovisual, multimedia, mobile phones and optics.

Company: Hammerite
Website: http://www.hammerite-automotive.com/

Wherever metal is under threat, the Hammerite range provides cost-effective solutions, backed by experienced technical assistance where required. The results are consistently attractive and long-lasting - ensuring that Hammerite can be specified with total confidence.

Company: Handiworld
Website: http://www.handiworld.com

HandiWorld is a young dynamic company focused on bringing innovative ideas to both the global auto accessories and leisure markets. Their product range includes the HandRack, the ultimate convenience in roofracks, which was launched in 2012.

Company: Haynes
Website: http://www.haynes.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001

Established in 1960, Haynes manuals are supplied to countries all around the world. Haynes publish and distribute practical books, car manuals and motorcycle manuals as well as DVDs on motoring, transport and many other leisure activities.

Company: Helix
Website: http://www.mapedhelix.co.uk/

Helix is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of products designed for use either in the home or office environment. All products have been carefully designed to offer maximum functional benefit and real value for money.

Company: Hella
Website: http://www.hella.com/hella-com/index.html?rdeLocaleAttr=en
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Hella Lighting offers a range of OE products to the UK aftermarket covering. Hella is a globally positioned independent company with 100 years of history. Hella develop and manufacture lighting at the forefront of the latest technology.

Company: Hitchman
Website: http://www.aquaroll.com

Design and manufacture the leading water and waste carrying solutions in the industry. Their brands Aquaroll and Wastemaster have global recognition.

Company: Holts Gun Gum

Founded in the United Kingdom more than 65 years ago by Douglas Holt, Holts has become an industry leader in the manufacture and global distribution of automotive aftermarket products. The Holts Gun Gum Putty provides a gas tight seal on your exhaust, permanently repairing small holes and leaks in silencers and exhaust systems. Gun Gum is a leading car exhaust repair putty which has been trusted by car lovers for decades.

Company: Hylomar
Website: http://www.hylomar.co.uk/

With over 30 years of experience, Hylomar Ltd is the manufacturer of a wide range of performance sealants, thread lockers and adhesives. They are a recognised leader in sealants both within the UK and internationally, used by some of the leading automotive, aerospace, white goods, power generation/distribution, electronics/photonics, engineering and industrial OEMs.

Company: INA
Website: http://www.ina.com/content.ina.de/en/index.jsp
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As an engineering partner and supplier for almost all automobile manufacturers, INA develops and manufactures tensioners, idlers and OAPs, providing system solutions for engines, transmissions and chassis. INA’s original replacement parts, reliable logistics and comprehensive services make INA’s aftermarket service a high-performance partner for repair shops, distributors and end customers.

Company: Intermotor
Website: http://www.intermotor.co.uk/
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With a history of over 40 years, the Intermotor brand is recognised as one of the leading brands in the European aftermarket for traditional ignition, switches, sensors and engine management components. As market leaders in the UK, Intermotor has established an unrivalled reputation for range and quality which has been further enhanced since becoming part of Standard Motor Products in 1996.

Company: International Paint

International Paint has a proud history that stretches back to 1881 and currently operates in 60 countries worldwide. The company's international brand name has worldwide market leader positions in the Automotive, Marine and DIY / Trade markets.

Company: Jactone Products Ltd
Website: http://www.jactone.com/

Established in 1978, Jactone are a family-owned and run company who specialise in the manufacture and supply of fire, safety and signage products. Their policy of continual investment in state-of-the-art technology and innovative product development allows them to offer a unique brand of high quality products at great value.

Company: JCB Batteries
Website: http://www.jcbbatteries.com

JCB is a truly world-class brand, known for its reliability, power and innovation. The JCB battery range is comprehensive and suitable for a variety of market sectors.

Company: Jelly Belly
Website: http://www.jellybelly-uk.com

Jelly Belly jelly beans were invented in 1976. The fantastic scent and colour combination has now been captured in a fun innovative range of scented accessories for use in the car, home or office. Formats include 2D Paper, 3D Gel, Pump Spray and Hand Wipes in 10 long lasting fragrances.

Company: JSP
Website: http://www.jsp.co.uk

JSP is Europe's leading independent manufacturer of industrial head protection and "above the neck" Personal Protective Equipment including a new range of Height Safety equipment. JSP is strongly committed to innovation backed by an in–house research & development team with manufacturing and testing bases in Oxford, England.

Company: Jubilee Clips
Website: http://www.jubileeclips.co.uk/default.aspx

In 1921, Jubilee® invented the worm drive hose clip and have manufactured them ever since. From the original patents to the current BS requirements, the company has led the world with consistent high quality. The comprehensive range of products enables users everywhere to be confident that Jubilee has a clip to suit their application.

Company: Juratek
Website: http://www.juratek.com/
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Juratek is one of Europe’s leading aftermarket suppliers of HGV brake discs, brake drums, brake pads, wear leads and fitting kits for commercial vehicles, trailers and buses.

Company: K&N Filters
Website: http://www.knfilters.co.uk/

K&N Engineering in Riverside California is the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since. K&N is a world class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, and air intakes in over 30 countries. K&N sells over 5,000 products designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, engines, and industrial applications.

Company: Kamasa
Website: http://www.kamasa.co.uk/

Kamasa is part of the Tool Connection brand. Their range consists of automotive and general bit sets, hand tools such as pliers, socket sets and spanners and trade tools. The range is constantly updated with additions to the range.

Company: Kent
Website: http://www.carcare.co.uk/

Kent Chamois Company Ltd was founded in 1981 as manufacturers of genuine and synthetic chamois leather for the UK and overseas market. The company became rapidly established as a major player in this niche market and gradually began to expand.

Company: KeyPower

KeyPower is a brand of lithium, silver oxide and Alkaline key fob batteries. They now stock a wide range of products and have steadily built up strong relationships with world leading manufacturers. Items can be bought in bulk and in a variety of package sizes.

Company: Kilen
Website: http://www.kilensprings.com/

Kilen has over 150 years of spring manufacturing experience and today produces the world's largest range of Coil Springs for the automotive aftermarket. Kilen also manufactures market leading ranges of Gas, Leaf and Sport Springs available exclusively from FPS.

Company: Klarius
Website: http://www.klarius.eu/
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Klarius provides the aftermarket with a range of OE quality replacement automotive products. They specialise in fully Type Approved exhaust systems, along with a comprehensive range of catalytic converters, Type Approved and Standard Diesel Particulate Filters and exhaust fittings, making them the number one choice in emission controls.

Company: Kontrol
Website: http://kontrolukltd.com

Kontrol was founded 40 years ago in Jersey (Channel Islands).  The company is a specialised niche business, supplying around 80 products for home and garden solutions that include humidity control, cleaning, laundry, clothes protection, home fragrance and pest control. The Kontrol range provides effective solutions to help with all aspects of humidifying, caravans and boats nationwide.

Company: Kurust
Website: http://www.hammerite.co.uk/guide/kurust.jsp

As part of the Hammerite group, Kurust is a long established and respected name for rust conversion. It converts rusty metal to a sound surface in just 15 minutes. Ideal for small patches of rust and repaintable after 3 hours.

Company: Laser
Website: http://www.lasertools.co.uk/

Laser is part of the 'Tool Connection' brand. The range consists of all specialist and non-specialist hand tools, bit sets, brake service tools, clutch tools, lifting equipment and ramps, timing belt tools and engine tools. The range is constantly being updated with new products.

Company: Lemforder
Website: http://goo.gl/r6N12Z

Lemforder provides high safety and quality in steering and suspension technology for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Their parts include steering components, suspension components and rubber-to-metal components.

Company: Leonardo
Website: http://www.leonardo-dispensing.co.uk

Leonardo is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of dispensing solutions for commercial and public washrooms. Their experience, capability and technical knowledge allows them to supply customers with the perfect solution for their washroom needs, at the right price and with excellent customer service.

Company: Linex

Linex is a renowned brand of stationery, drawing and measuring equipment, covering everyday to more specialist use. The Linex brand has always been synonymous with ultimate precision, using the ISO standards for drawing articles, which apply for straightness, precision and parallelism.

Company: Little Trees

Over the last 50 years, Little Trees air fresheners have become the most recognised and respected brand of air fresheners in the world. Little Trees air fresheners combine fresh aromatic scents with the freshness of nature.

Company: Logitech
Website: http://www.logitech.com/en-gb

Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. They started in 1981 with mice and expanded their expertise in product design with a broad portfolio of interface devices.

Company: LPR Brakes
Website: http://www.lpr.it/

Based in Italy, LPR is one of the world leaders in the production of hydraulic braking and clutch products. With an OE pedigree all products are of at least the same quality as the original equipment used by the vehicle manufacturers.

Company: Lucas Oil
Website: http://www.lucasoil.co.uk/

Established in the US in 1989, Lucas Oil is one of the world's largest manufacturers of engine lubricants, additives and workshop greases. Products are designed to exceed the highest vehicle manufacturer specification levels; many of the additives are used in very high performance vehicles, helping to build a winning reputation with garage mechanics through to motorsport engineers.

Company: LuK
Website: http://www.luk.co.uk/content.luk.co.uk/en/index.jsp
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LuK is one of the market leaders in clutch technology thanks to a committed investment in research and development. Their range covers transmission products such as clutch kits, dual mass flywheels, carms and hydraulic clutch components.

Company: Lumo
Website: http://www.lucyzodion.com

A leading UK designer of interior leisure vehicle lighting with a range that covers  number of lighting technologies including halogen, fluorescent and a growing range of LED.

Company: Magneti Marelli
Website: http://www.magnetimarelli.com/

Magneti Marelli supplies 100% OE lights for 19 vehicle manufacturers, exceeding 2,000 references for car, LCV and CV. The range contains front, rear, side and interior lamps and utilises the very latest technology. They also supply a  range of window regulators & wiper motors for popular applications.

Company: Mahle
Website: http://www.mahle-aftermarket.com/eu/en/
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The MAHLE engine components range includes everything you need to repair diesel and petrol engines—whether for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, small engines, and stationary engines. The FPS range covers Valve Train Components, Bearings, Piston Ring Sets and Pistons/Cylinder kit sets.

Company: Manista

Manista is a brand of heavy duty natural hand cleanser. The product contains small polychips which make it tough on ingrained oil and dirt, but gentle on skin. Manista has been developed and designed by Comma Oil specifically for the automotive sector in mind, but is also suitable for other industries.

Company: Maxview
Website: http://www.maxview.co.uk

One of the largest and most innovative UK manufacturers of television aerial and satellite equipment. Started in the 1960’s, Maxview has stayed true to its traditional philosophy of providing the consumer with the highest possible quality at a fair and affordable price.

Company: Maypole
Website: http://www.maypole.ltd.uk/

Established in 1969, Maypole began manufacturing Trailer Lighting Boards. Since then they have grown into one of the premier companies in Europe, offering a range of products for the Towing, Trailer, Automotive Aftermarket, Leisure, Agriculture and Marine markets. The company is proud to have an independent and family owned business, with total focus on Customers, Quality and Service.

Company: McGard
Website: http://www.mcgard.com/

The name McGard has stood for quality and safety since 1964. Their wheel locks provide the highest level of protection against costly wheel and tyre theft and their products are made to the highest standards in the automotive industry.

Company: Mer
Website: http://www.merproducts.com/

Mer Products Limited has been recognised as providing leading car care products for over 20 years. Mer products will clean, shine, polish and protect cellulose, metallic, acrylic and synthetic paintwork. Mer can also be used on chrome, brass, alloys, fibreglass, windows, ceramic tiles and most non-porous surfaces.

Company: Metro
Website: http://www.saxon-brands.com/index.php

Metro, the leading accessory brand, offer a wide range of products for use in and around the car. As part of the Saxon brand, their automotive experience continuously brings new and innovative products to the market.

Company: Meyle
Website: https://www.meyle.com/en/
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MEYLE offers a comprehensive range of repair-friendly kits for full-service automatic transmission oil change covering more than 4,000 vehicle applications equipped with popular gearbox types.

Company: Michelin
Website: http://www.michelin.co.uk/GB/en/homepage.html

Michelin's range of lifestyle products is designed to help people when they are on the move and in their everyday lives. The Michelin programme from FPS includes a selection of branded floor mats, foot pumps, 12V tyre inflators, tyre pressure gauges, wheel trims and snow chains.

Company: Mobil
Website: http://www.mobil.co.uk/UK-English-LCW/default.aspx

Marketed around the world, Mobil is known for performance, innovation and expertise. Mobil is recognised for its advanced technology in fuels, lubricants and services, resulting in Mobil products being trusted by original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Company: Mont Blanc
Website: http://www.montblancgroup.com/

Mont Blanc was founded in 1947. Step by step they have developed there offer and improved quality, safety and sustainability. They have worked tirelessly, and today they are a leader in travelling and transportation equipment for cars.

Company: Muc-Off
Website: http://muc-off.com/

Forged in the fast paced world of international motorsports, Muc-Off valeting products are designed to not only give the best surface finish possible but also to be quick and easy to use. Their exciting, innovative and leading edge cleaning products are aimed at drivers looking for the highest quality product performance.

Company: NAP
Website: http://www.national-auto.co.uk/

National Auto Parts (NAP) are renowned clutch and brake specialists. Involved in the European clutch market for over 30 years, they offer a complete range of new clutches, including Clutch Kits, CSCs and single mass kits, which are an alternative to DMF replacements. Additionally, they provide a full range of brake discs and brake drums, focusing on parts for cars and light commercial vehicles, and priding themselves on their range development.

Company: Neolux
Website: www.neolux-lighting.com

The NEOLUX car bulbs range provides versatile high quality 12 Volt headlight and auxiliary bulbs at affordable prices. Our product offering includes specialty bulbs to satisfy discerning drivers, as well as standard replacement bulbs with advantageous features that drivers will appreciate.

Company: Nescafe
Website: http://www.nescafe.co.uk/

Nescafe® is one of the world’s most popular coffee brands - rich in natural goodness, flavour and convenience, using only carefully selected coffee beans to deliver a unique experience. When roasted, every single coffee bean releases hundreds of different aromas.

Company: Neutradol
Website: http://www.neutradol.com/

Neutradol was the first odour destroyer to be introduced in the air freshener market and, as laboratory tests confirm, it is still the best available. Neutradol does not just mask unwanted smells, its complex formula breaks down and eliminates all bad odours, leaving the air fresh and clean. Neutradol is hygienic, non-toxic and is safe for use in the home and workplace.

Company: NGK
Website: http://www.ngkntk.co.uk/
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NGK has become the brand leader in the UK spark plug market and the number one choice of the professional as a result of its quality, technical excellence and total commitment to Research and Development. They are also the world’s No.1 Lambda sensor manufacturer and a leading supplier of glow plugs. NGK products are supplied to almost every Vehicle Assembler.

Company: Nilco
Website: http://www.nilcouk.com/

Nilco have been formulating high quality products since the brand was created in 1996. The range consists of cleaning products specifically developed for the professional user. Each product is expertly designed to give excellent cleaning results quickly and easily.

Company: Nissens
Website: http://www.nissens.com/Customer/auto_eng.html

Since 1921, Nissens has designed and manufactured cooling solutions for the automotive aftermarket. Today Nissens is one of the largest European manufacturers, and an acknowledged OE supplier of engine cooling and climate parts, inlcuding Radiators, Heater Radiators, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Radiator Fans, Compressors and Condeners, and cover applications for almost all known makes and models of cars, vans and trucks.

Company: Northwood Hygiene
Website: http://www.northwood.co.uk/

The privately owned Northwood Group began its journey in 1976 and is now the UK’s largest independent Paper Agent and Supplier of various paper grades to the UK paper converters. They are one of only a small handful of companies in the UK market that is fully vertically integrated. Northwood is involved at each point in the supply chain, from raw material supply, tissue and towel manufacturing, end user product converting and storage and transportation. They offer a number of market leading brands operating across the systems, wiping and commodities sectors, including Bay West, Leonardo, Essentials, Optimum, Perform and Optimum ProWipers.

Company: Norton
Website: http://www.nortonabrasives.com/

Norton is a brand with an exceptional heritage and an excellent brand image. It is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of performance-engineered abrasives for technical manufacturing and commercial applications, as well as general household and automotive refinishing solutions.

Company: Nural
Website: http://bit.ly/1HfBrEM
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Engineered in Germany for original equipment, Nural pistons are exclusively fitted with Goetze® rings.

Company: Oakey

Oakey is a highly established abrasives brand with a strong heritage in the Painting & Decorating & DIY markets, renowned for high performance. Oakey Abrasives have been used & recommended by professionals for more than a century.

Company: Osram
Website: https://www.osram.co.uk/
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Osram, as a leader in innovation and technology, provides the perfect vehicle lamp for every use and every requirement, be it in cars, motorcycles, or off-road, be it LED, xenon or halogen, and whether for performance or design-oriented drivers.

Company: Pama
Website: http://www.pama.com/

The Pama range consists of mobile phone accessories including hands free car kits, chargers and mobile phone holders. Pama is a family orientated business dedicated to the distribution of innovative products at competitive prices. In 2011 Pama achieved the silver Investors in People award.

Company: Panasonic
Website: http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer.html

Panasonic is a leading supplier of consumer batteries. The Panasonic range can satisfy multiple needs with one of the broadest lines of battery products in the industry. A range of Lithium and Alkaline batteries is available.

Company: Payen
Website: http://bit.ly/1EZPaNY
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Payen brings OE engine technology to the independent aftermarket with its precision engineered gasket & sealing expertise.

Company: PCT
Website: http://www.pctautomotive.com/

PCT are one of Europe's leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of Towbars, towing electrics and automotive products. Their precision engineering heritage dates back to 1926 and proudly offer one of the most comprehensive and best quality towbar and towing accessory ranges in Europe.

Company: Pearl
Website: http://www.pearl-automotive.co.uk/product/pearl-workshop-consumables.html

Pearl is a family owned business with a product portfolio in excess of 4,000 part numbers. They supply electrical products, workshop consumables, fixings and fastenings along with their famous range of Pearly Wot-Nots that are at the cutting edge of pre-pack retailing.

Company: PG Tips
Website: http://www.pgtips.co.uk/

PG Tips was launched in the UK as a loose leaf tea. It was originally called Pre-Gest-Tee, as it was thought that tea aided digestion. This was soon abbreviated to PG by grocers and van salesmen. PG Tips Pyramid bags give tea leaves room to breathe, so you can get even more out of the great PG Tips flavour.

Company: Pierburg
Website: http://www.ms-motorservice.com/en/

Pierburg is an OE supplier specialising in engine management products for vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket. Pierburg is a global brand and the European market leader for Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves and Secondary Air Systems. The range includes Air Mass Sensors, Diesel Pre-flaps, EGR valves, Secondary Air Pumps & Valves, Combined Vacuum-Fuel Pumps, Throttle Bodies and Vacuum Pumps.

Company: PlusGas

PlusGas is a brand of lubricants distributed by Saint Gobain Abrasives. They maintain and clean tools whilst acting as a rust and corrosion prevention agent. PlusGas penetrates and releases rusted nuts, bolts and metal on cars, bikes, boats and lawnmowers, in the home and anywhere where that you can’t get metal to move.

Company: PMA
Website: http://www.pmachemicals.co.uk/

Exclusive to FPS, the PMA brand comprises two ranges, PMA Maintenance and PMA Valeting, encompassing a selection of consumer products and bulk purchases, all with precisely engineered formulations that offer optimum results every time. Colour coded packaging aids in identification across product families, and each product includes directions for use, making PMA ideal for Professional users and DIY-enthusiasts alike.

Company: Polco
Website: https://fdrive.fpsdistribution.co.uk/user/login

The Polco range is an all-encompassing range of automotive accessory products which includes 12/24 volt accessories, Battery Chargers, Trolley Jacks, Phone Holders, Foot Pumps, Tyre Inflators, Fuel Caps and many more. The range is of good quality, design and value for money.

Company: Polygard

Polygard is a brand of automotive functional fluids that export to more than 40 countries worldwide. Their products include brake cleaners, antifreeze and screenwash. To maintain Polygard's market position, they embrace the principles of total quality and undertake stringent checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Company: Por-15

Por-15 is a the product that changed car restoration and treatment permanently and has provided unmatched quality to the automotive trade for 35 years. When using the complete system, the result provides a coating that not only stops rust but also prevents it from returning.

Company: Portwest
Website: http://www.portwest.com/

With over 100 years of experience and a heritage of quality, value and service, Portwest is firmly established as a world leader in the design and manufacture of stylish, comfortable, high-quality workwear that meets recognised international standards.

Company: Prestone®
Website: http://www.prestone.com

Since 1927 when the Prestone® brand first introduced Antifreeze/Coolant for automobiles, people have trusted the Prestone® name for outstanding protection in their car's cooling systems Antifreeze/Coolants come in a variety of colors and chemistries, all designed to protect your engine and cooling system.

Company: Progressive Safety Footwear & Clothing
Website: https://www.psf.co.uk/

Progressive Safety Footwear & Clothing Ltd was founded in 1961. Now one of the UK’s leading distributors of safety footwear, protective workwear, personal protective equipment and workplace safety products. All safety footwear is manufactured to EN ISO 20345:2011 providing 200 joules toe protection and offering a number of different sole units for protection in all areas of the workplace.

Company: Pukka Pad
Website: http://www.pukka-pads.co.uk

Pukka Pads is dedicated to securing the progression of high quality paper products and stationery for the benefit of future generations. The Company has been operating since 1999 and has grown internationally to supply products to many countries around the globe.

Company: Q Bond
Website: http://qbond.net/

Q Bond is a South African business supplying adhesives to the automotive, industrial, hardware and DIY industries in the USA and Europe. Q Bond is one of the finest products for repairing breaks, cracks and damage to a wide range of items.

Company: QRS
Website: http://qrsauto.co.uk/quality/
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In a market that is forever changing and with the growth of varying demands, QRS recognises the requirement in the automotive aftermarket for competitively priced power transmission solutions which provide you and your customers with options that uncover sales opportunities. The QRS offering includes a range of popular power transmission products for many applications. In addition to supplying a range that reflects current market trends, QRS also offers advanced technical support.

Company: Quiksteel
Website: http://www.quiksteel.co.uk/

The famous putty that sets in 5 minutes bonds to almost anything except rubber, withstands high temperatures and even cures underwater. QuikSteel Epoxy Putty is pre-mixed and steel reinforced, eliminating the need for hardener and making it quick and easy to use.

Company: RainX
Website: http://www.rainx.co.uk/

For over 40 years, Rain-X has provided drivers with products to help get them through any kind of weather.  These products give you better visibility for safer, more comfortable driving.  Rain-X provides a complete glass treatment system for exterior and interior glass built around Rain Repellent water beading technology.

Company: Redex

Redex has been the Number 1 brand in petrol and diesel additives for decades. They have a progressive range of oil additives that help to condition and really rejuvenate a vehicle's lubrication system.

Company: Reich
Website: http://www.reich-gmbh.com

The company REICH GmbH was founded in 1975 and delivered control technology for building heating systems. Shortly after, the business was extended to supply water systems for caravans and motor homes. The company develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of taps and pumps.

Company: Reisse
Website: http://www.reisse-auto.com/
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Reisse has become an established and trusted brand in the automotive aftermarket for filters and head set & bolt kits. Confidence to fit and forget a Reisse filter is assured through their 100% OEM, ISO certified manufacturing, BER compliance and 2 year or 15,000 mile warranty.

Company: Remy
Website: http://www.remyinc.co.uk/
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Remy Inc. is the world's No. 1 in Starters and Alternators, with more than 100 years of experience. They are one of the leading suppliers of high quality new and remanufactured parts in Europe. Remy supplies Calipers, Starters and Alternators.

Company: Renovo
Website: http://www.renovointernational.com/

The Renovo product range comprises 6 products that between them clean, restore and protect the look of a convertible or soft top roof. The range of colour restorers meet the needs of multiple manufacturers ranging from Jaguar to Aston Martin and there is even a plastic window polish to help with clouding and discolouring of convertible windows.

Company: Ring Automotive
Website: http://ringautomotive.co.uk/
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Ring Automotive is a leading European brand in vehicle lighting, offering a comprehensive range of bulbs from the smallest panel bulb through to industry leading performance bulbs and LED technology. The range is the biggest available in the aftermarket with over 950 bulb references in range.

Company: RoadPro
Website: http://www.roadpro.co.uk

Specialise in 12V & 24V accessories and appliances for specialist vehicles including caravans, motorhomes and trucks.

Company: Royal
Website: http://royal-leisure.co.uk/

With 20 years presence in the camping and caravan market, the Royal brand has grown in strength and is now recognised as one of the leaders within the leisure market. Royal was founded in 1993 with the introduction of a range of caravan awnings, but they have since expanded their range to include tents, furniture, sleeping bags, melamine, cooling and caravan movers.

Company: Sachs
Website: https://www.zf.com/unitedkingdom/en_gb/sachs/home_sachs_folder/home_sachs.html
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ZF Sachs develops, produces and services driveline and chassis technologies around the world. It ranks high on the list of leading automotive suppliers. Clutches and shock absorbers from Sachs are among the leading core products.

Company: Safety First Aid
Website: http://www.safetyfirstaid.co.uk/

Safety First Aid was established in 1959 and has over 30 years of experience in listening to safety experts and customers to create solutions that make the workplace safer. They hold over 4000 products in stock; from an own brand value range, to leading brands such as the Cederroth range of first aid products or the Evolution range of workplace first aid kits.

Company: Securon
Website: http://www.securon.co.uk/

Securon, based in the UK, design, manufacture and test Safety Restraints to meet National, International and Customer standards. The range includes belts and harnesses for automotive, industrial, medical and motorsport use and these come in a variety of colours.

Company: Semloh Electrics
Website: http://www.semlohelectrics.co.uk

Semloh Electrics has grown over the past 20 years to become a key supplier of cable and electrical accessories to the automotive, marine and leisure vehicle markets. Semloh Electrics distribute a wide range of top quality products to over 1,500 working partners.  

Company: Shaftec
Website: http://www.shaftec.co.uk

Shaftec is a leading manufacturer of remanufactured/new driveshafts and new CV Joints in the UK. Offering a high quality range of products and aftersales service, combined with a 2 year /24,000 mile no quibble warranty. FPS currently stocks the Shaftec steering range, across racks, pumps, columns and boxes, alongside its range of CV joints, driveshafts, steering gaiters and hub nuts.

Company: Signs & Labels
Website: http://www.signsandlabels.co.uk

Signs & Labels was founded in 1970 and are now the world’s leading manufacturer, stockist and supplier of safety signs and equipment. They only distribute with the most respected and professional companies and have become known for being experts in health & safety legislation.

Company: Simoniz
Website: http://www.simonizprotection.co.uk/

Since 1910, Simoniz has been providing high performance valeting products to care for your car. From polishing your paintwork to cleaning your dashboard, Simoniz has the solution for you. With a specialist team of chemical engineers and 100 years of experience, using Simoniz ensures that you are using the best products on your car.

Company: Sogefi Pro
Website: http://www.sogefipro.com
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Sogefi filtration products are supplied and fitted during a vehicle’s first major installation. For more than 30 years the Sogefi Group has designed, developed and marketed high technology products for leading manufacturers.

Company: Solar Technology International
Website: http://www.solartechnology.co.uk

One of the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of solar panels and solar powered products. The range boasts a number of solutions including flexible and fixed fold-out kits.

Company: Sport Direct

Sport Direct offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of bike accessories available today. With three instantly recognisable brands and packaging, their product range includes puncture repair kits, lights, helmets, locks, pumps, saddles, tyres and tubes.

Company: Sportex

Sportex is a stylish range of co-ordinated accessories for the inside of your car. Coming in 5 different vibrant colours, there is also a wide range of products to choose from including steering wheel covers, trunk organisers, handbrake handles and much more.

Company: Status International
Website: http://www.statusinternationaluk.co.uk/

Status International (UK) Limited are the UK’s leading independent supplier of lighting and electrical accessories. Status is run by father and son, who have over 80 years combined experience in the lighting industry. Today, Status boasts a customer base across the UK and Europe including major national retailers, wholesalers, independent retailers and electrical wholesalers.

Company: Stoplock
Website: http://www.saxon-brands.com/products-Stoplock.php

Stoplock is the leading vehicle security brand in the UK with over 20 years of experience. They offer steering wheel locks and locking wheel bolts to fit the majority of vehicles, providing vehicle security.

Company: STP
Website: http://www.stp.eu

Established in 1954, STP has continued to grow rapidly.By the 1990s, the brand of oil additives, fuel treatments and maintenance and appearance products had a presence in practically every country in the world.

Company: STV International
Website: http://www.stvpestcontrol.com

STV is the UK's leading supplier of pest control products for home and garden use, and is now listed in preference to other historical brands by many of Britain’s best-known retailers. Over the years, STV has built an outstanding reputation for delivery of innovative new product development. Its ranges are distinctly branded, each targeting different and specific pest problems.

Company: Sumex

Sumex offers a range of snow chains which are TUV approved. The snow chains are designed to ensure optimum performance and road handling on ice and snow covered roads

Company: Summit
Website: http://bit.ly/1oZnHIt
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Summit Automotive is well known in the UK as a motoring accessory and mirror specialist with 30 years of history in the automotive aftermarket. To name but a few products listed in their vast portfolio, Summit's range includes replacement mirror glass and repair products.

Company: Swarfega
Website: http://www.swarfega.com/

Swarfega is a range of high performance hand cleaners, designed to remove all types of dirt and grime encountered in the workplace. The iconic green gel was invented in 1947 and has since developed over 65 years to supply a complete range of specialist hand cleansing products.

Company: SYR
Website: http://www.syrclean.com

Scot Young Research (SYR) was founded in 1955 and began cleaning windows and floors in the contract cleaning industry. In 1985, SYR switched from service to manufacturing and is now recognised worldwide for their large and extensive range of cleaning products.  

Company: Tate and Lyle
Website: http://www.tateandlyle.com/Pages/default.aspx

Tate & Lyle is a global provider of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage markets and other industries. FPS stocks their most famously known sugar. Through their large-scale, efficient manufacturing plants, they use innovative technology to turn raw materials into distinctive, high quality ingredients for their customers.

Company: Tetley
Website: http://www.tetley.co.uk/

A truly global brand, enjoyed in 70 countries and available in a variety of formats from the drawstring tea bag to packet tea, Tetley offers consumers an ever-widening range of new and exciting teas to suit all possible tea moments.

Company: ThoMar
Website: http://www.thomar.de/en/

ThoMar OHG specialises in the production of desiccants from calcined clay and calcium chloride salt. For the automotive industry, ThoMar produces car dehumidifiers that absorb excessive moisture from the air to prevent the formation of  mould, mildew, mustiness and rust.

Company: Top Up Water
Website: http://www.topup-water-products.com/

Top Up Water is a family owned company that was established in 1984, situated on the outskirts of East London. Top Up Water is suitable for topping up lead-acid batteries. It can also be used in to reduce scaling and corrosion as well as irons, lava lamps and air-conditioning units.

Company: Town and Country
Website: http://www.townandcountrycovers.com/

Town and Country offer a wide range of universal fit and tailored covers suitable for car, van, truck, lorry, minibus, taxi cab and tractor seat applications. Their seat covers are the perfect protection in all domestic, industrial and agricultural environments.

Company: Travel Spot
Website: http://www.travelspot.co.uk/

Travel Spot was set up over 15 years ago to provide information and products to ensure that vehicles are both safe & legal when driving in Europe. They work hand-in-hand with the Dover Harbour Board and all the major Cross-Channel Ferry operators to ensure customer safety.

Company: Trends UK (Haynes)
Website: http://www.trendsuk.co.uk/product-range/haynes

Trends Supply the Haynes fully functional, motorized engine models. Build a fully functional, motorized model of a combustion engine, a V8 petrol engine or V-Twin Motorcycle Engine. Each engine features sound recorded from real engines and illuminating spark plugs.

Company: Truck-Lite
Website: http://www.truck-lite.eu.com/

Truck-Lite is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty vehicle lighting equipment. The range consists of over 200 products including multi-function lamps, front, rear & side markers, direction indicators, interior lamps and beacons plus a selection of accessory lighting and trailer connection products.

Company: TRW
Website: http://www.trwaftermarket.com/
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TRW is a leading manufacturer of automotive safety products covering key areas such as brake pads, shoes and discs, wear indicator leads, pre-assembled brake shoe kits and fitting kits. They also cover hydraulics products in the form of brake calipers, hoses, master cylinders and slave cylinders, creating one of the largest ranges of active safety technologies in the industry.

Company: Type S

Type S is a brand of automotive accessory products supplied by Winplus. The range includes air fresheners and convenience, interior, comfort and organisational products. All products meet European quality and safety standards and are certified by the appropriate authority.

Company: U-Pol
Website: http://www.u-pol.com/

U-Pol is dedicated to manufacturing and selling automotive refinish products under the U-Pol and Isopon brands, including bodyfillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives and wipes. With over 60 years of manufacturing and marketing experience within the industry, U-Pol have built a solid reputation and pride themselves in being at the forefront of innovation within the market.

Company: UniGloves
Website: http://www.unigloves.co.uk

UniGloves were established in 1988 and are a market-leading manufacturer of specialist, single use gloves. They produce and supply over 1.3 billion gloves annually to medical professionals, as well as specialists in the food, automotive, janitorial and care sectors.

Company: Universal

Universal Products Ltd are a privately owned company that was formed in the late 1960s. Universal Products manufacture, import and distribute assorted products to the motor trade. Their range covers door guards in a variety of colours.

Company: Valeo
Website: http://www.valeo.com/en/
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Valeo offers an extensive range of Clutch products, Wiper Motors, Column Switches & OE lighting. All Valeo products are produced to OE specification assuring quality and confidence.

Company: Verbatim
Website: http://www.verbatim-europe.co.uk

From its foundation in 1969, Verbatim has shaped the development of data storage technology.  From floppy disks to CDs, DVDs and high definition Blu-ray media, to external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives and SSDs. The extent of Verbatim's extensive portfolio and influence in the storage industry is unrivalled.

Company: Victor Reinz
Website: http://www.victorreinz.co.uk/
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Over 1.5 billion Reinz gaskets have been produced to date, and the name still stands for innovative gasket technology of the highest calibre – for original equipment in new cars, top-quality replacement parts, and industrial sealing products.      

Company: W4
Website: http://www.w4limited.com

Leading brand for nearly 40 years - W4 products are a synonymous with quality and the range contains hundreds of practical, useful and essential caravan and camping items.

Company: Waxoyl
Website: http://www.waxoyl.com/

Trusted by specialists the world over, the name 'Waxoyl' stands for more than fifty years of experience in the battle against corrosion and weather damage. It kills old rust and prevents new rust by forming a flexible, weatherproof skin.

Company: WD-40
Website: http://www.wd40.co.uk/preload.aspx

The WD-40 Company is leading in the major multi-purpose and drip oil categories, with brands including WD-40 and 3-in-1. Known as "the can with thousands of uses," WD-40® is one of the most versatile, multi-purpose problem solvers. It protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, provides a great moisture barrier and lubricates just about anything.

Company: Whale
Website: http://www.whalepumps.com/rv/home.aspx

Whale is a well-known brand with a reputation built on decades of high quality design expertise. Today, Whale supply the marine, caravan/motorhome, shower drainage and industrial markets around the world with innovative freshwater, bilge and waste pumps and water and space heating systems.

Company: Winplus
Website: http://www.winplus-europe.com/

The Winplus team is focused on adding innovation, style and value to Everyday Consumer Products. Winplus is a global marketeer, manufacturer and wholesaler of quality products including Automotive Accessories, Consumer Electronics and Home / Lifestyle products.

Company: World Wide Automotive

World Wide Automotive (WWA) brand of rotating electrics, designed specifically as a short range of 50 part numbers, is a surcharge-free program. The range, with a 1 year warranty, allows factors to choose a branded, quality product while operating in a sensitive market with extreme price pressure.

Company: Wynn's
Website: http://www.wynns.uk.com/

Wynn´s supplies retail and trade additives for oil, transmission, fuel and coolants in addition to valeting, service, garage equipment and maintenance and repair products. Wynn’s chemicals meet the specific requirements of modern engines whilst optimising and protecting older vehicles.

Company: Yada

Yada specialises in electronic automotive accessories that meet a wide variety of needs. Offering high quality, innovative products, the range includes reversing cameras and Bluetooth headsets. Yada aims to match product quality with the aesthetics of your car’s interior.

Company: Yo Jello
Website: http://www.yojello.com/

Available in four vibrant colours, with a fresh fragrance. Usually lasting up to 60 days. Ideal for the car, home, work place and much more. In the car they can hang from mirrors, stick on to the windscreen, rear screen or side windows or stick straight on to the dashboard. Once they are first stuck down, they can be moved up to 3 times.