Bosch Sensors

Bosch Diesel Sensors

Over 140 references including pressure sensors and temperature sensors now available to order through FPS.

The range covers all vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Citroën, Ford, Vauxhall and VAG.

A diesel rail has a constant supply of pressurised diesel, ready for injectors to use. A fuel pressure sensor is fitted into a diesel engine to detect the drop in fuel pressure in the diesel rail. The sensor signals a drop in fuel pressure to the ECU which restores the pressure via the high pressure pump. If the fuel pressure sensor fails or becomes faulty, it is important to run a diagnostic check on the vehicle.

The fuel pressure sensor is a weak point in the loop system and all types are prone to failure.

Common symptoms of fuel pressure sensor failure are cutting out, difficult to start, rough erratic running, etc. If the sensor is faulty, there will be an error code indicating this during an engine scan.

A diesel sensor is easy to replace and does not require engine recoding. However, the ECU memory needs to be cleared of all the existing fault codes.

Bosch diesel sensors are available from FPS via the F:Drive and MAM Autocat under Fuel & Engine Management>Engine Management & Fueling Parts. For more information, please contact your local FPS representative.