VW Diesel Golf Driving with Real World Test

Bosch Develops Breakthrough Diesel Technology with Unprecedented Results

This new technology will enable diesel vehicles to undercut future limits for nitrogen oxide (NOx) by almost 90%.

Bosch’s new technology will allow a diesel VW Golf to emit just 13mg/km (milligrams per kilometre) of NOx in mixed driving conditions, measured using the latest RDE paradigms.


The Legal Limit for Diesel Emissions

To put things into perspective, cars must currently emit no more than 168mg/km of NOx. In addition, that limit will reduce to 120 mg/km in real-world driving tests, and 80mg/km in lab assessments by 2020.

Bosch Diesel Lab Test

How Does the Breakthrough Diesel Technology Work?

The technology works by managing exhaust gas recirculation using optimised turbochargers. It is effective as soon as a car is started and works at all engine speeds, allowing it to operate effectively both when engines are cold, and during urban driving. The system is also effective during swift acceleration.

While the system cannot be retrofitted to old cars, it is based on already-existing components and is available immediately. It can be incorporated into a car maker’s production projects, and the system allows diesel engines to maintain their fuel economy and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


Will the New Technology Impact Fuel Economy?

The new breakthrough technology announced by Bosch¬†will reduce NOx emissions, but will fuel economy be affected? According to Bosch, the goal was to ‘reduce emissions, whilst retaining the diesel’s comparative advantage in terms of CO2 emissions’. With this in mind, the diesel will remain a climate-friendly option.


Will the New Technology Be Affordable?

The new diesel technology uses a range of parts and components which are already in use within production vehicles. Thanks to its use of existing technology, reducing diesel emissions will not make diesel vehicles any less affordable.



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