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Blue Print Braking Discs and Drums – Packaging Changes

Blue Print has launched a repackaging campaign for their braking range in accordance to ECE R90 regulations.

To support the European ECE R90 legislation that states ‘brake discs and drums must be replaced in axle sets’, Blue Print has decided to only sell their brake discs and drums in pairs. This change will also reduce the risk of damage in transit significantly, in comparison to single packaged discs.

How is the packaging changing?

Blue Print discs and drums with an individual weight of 10kg or less will be packaged in pairs. Products which exceed this weight limit will continue to be packed as singles. However, customers are still required to order two units (where the discs are packed in pairs).

During the transition period, discs and drums will be sent in the old packaging with two boxes strapped together to make one package, and sold as a pair. This will gradually be replaced by the new packaging where the discs or drums will be packaged into one box.


Steps towards a steady transition

To avoid any potential confusion during the transition, Blue Print advises customers to:

  • Remember to order in multiples of two units
  • Quote their customers in pairs – although the system assists with this
  • Ensure stock has arrived in pairs
  • Crosscheck if the quantity pick matches the invoice


Improvements all round

New disc and drum packaging will include a technical drawing to help ensure proper installation. They will also feature a brand new R90 label and a bigger box to easily identify the new stock from the old without the need to open the box.

This change has no impact on pricing, as the price per unit remains the same and invoices will continue to show two units. A quantity of two will also appear against the part number in Partsfinder.


Available from FPS

All parts are catalogued on the F:Drive and MAM Autocat and available from FPS via same/next-day delivery.

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