BG Automotive range expansion

Continuing with its expansion programme, BG Automotive has launched 12 new-to-range products, comprising timing chain kits, camtrain products, sump plugs and water flanges, that are now stocked by FPS.

Highlights from the latest product launch from BG Automotive include:

TC0100K/TC0106K/TC0107K – contain electronic tensioners that VW Group uses as a version of variable valve timing. The original tensioners can fail due to a number of reasons, including wearing out of the pads or deterioration of the plastic itself. This will cause a constant grinding noise and will lead to rough idling, low power and the valves will not be correctly timed. Another type of failure is down to the hydraulic piston which will stop moving in/out, leaving the chain to run free. This can lead to the chain scraping the valve cover. The chain rattling at start up is the best indication that this kit needs replacing.

TC2530FK – fits the N22A1 and N22A2 Honda engines. The OE chain is known to start rattling at around 70,000 miles, due to the chain stretching beyond its optimum working length. The rattle gets worse until the chain starts to slap on the guides, leading to tensioner and sprocket damage. It is therefore, advised to change the entire kit at once to prevent any further damage to the engine.

TC0920K – fits the BMW M52 and M54 engines. This kit fits the upper part of the timing chain system based around the VANOS VVT units. The tensioner is prone to excessive wear on the plastic pads (it can look like it has been chewed after 60,000 miles) and will require replacement to ensure smooth running.

Please click here to view the complete list of new products  and applications covered. All parts are available same/next-day from FPS. Log on to the F:Drive for details.