Mahle Engine Products

Better Cataloguing of MAHLE Engine Products

MAHLE speaks to VITAL NEWS about the complexity of the cataloguing process and the developments they have made to better serve the aftermarket.

It has been a year since FPS and MAHLE Aftermarket joined forces to provide customers with access to the range of MAHLE original engine components and Victor Reinz sealing products for overnight service from Sheffield.

At the start of this relationship, the MAHLE catalogue was only available to access via TecDoc and the MAHLE website. The offering is now conveniently available on MAM Autocat following a large effort to build the infrastructure.

Complexity Of Cataloguing Engine Products

MAM Autocat offers electronic cataloguing of parts against their Make Model Index (MMI) that allows users to locate parts based on the model of a vehicle. However, “hard” engine parts are historically catalogued with the engine type as the primary identifier. The logic lies in the fact that a stationary engine cannot be catalogued against a vehicle as one does not exist. However, an engine model does.

Furthermore, MAHLE strives to ensure that information is consistent across all platforms so that all potentially required information for the part is available in the chosen catalogue format. Engine parts have an added level of complication, as additional data is required for each part. For example, in the case of pistons, bore size, pin dimensions, compression height as well as any bowl or recess dimensions must be noted along with surface coatings.

Putting Logic in the Catalogue

To address existing catalogue issues MAHLE developed a software that cross-refers engine models with vehicle models, in accordance with MAM Autocat’s MMI. Given that the Mahle database holds more than 50,000 engine models and 265,000 vehicle models, this had proven to be a sizeable task.

This development has allowed MAM users to now locate a part, based on a vehicle model that uses the same engine code. This means that even though the catalogue data is created against engine model, the information is automatically added to the relevant make and model of vehicle. MAHLE has included MAM Autocat’s MMI into the MAHLE database to enable the lookup of MAHLE parts on MAM Autocat.

Fine-Tuning the Details for MAHLE Engine Products

MAHLE has ensured that all relevant information needed for the parts were mapped to the engine specific MAM part note fields. For example, a machine shop will need to know the minimum and maximum shaft and housing diameter for engine bearings in order to know if the shaft/housing requires resizing. This data is included to ensure that any questions can be answered quickly and easily without the need to refer to any other source for technical data. This data is continually reviewed and updated on a monthly basis to account for new part numbers and applications.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of pistons, the MAHLE engine range comprises of cast and forged pistons, piston rings and engine bearings for a wide range of vehicles today. All parts are manufactured in a range of materials that are identical to OEM parts.

MAHLE engine parts are catalogued on the F:Drive, MAM Autocat and TecDoc. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.


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