FPS Autocat preferences

Automatic Autocat+ Preferences for FPS

Following a recent Autocat+ development carried out between FPS and MAM, users no longer need to set preferences to FPS catalogue sections for every new product range being launched.

The new setting on MAM Autocat+ can be applied once and all current and future FPS sections will be automatically set to ‘Preference level 2‘ on the user’s Autocat+ system.

Updating your Settings

  • Update to the latest version of Autocat+ by pressing F12, then F11 and following the prompts
  • Once updated, click the ‘General/6’ button and select ‘Parameter Maintenance
  • Enter your password and tick the box marked ‘Set all FPS data sections to Preference level 2’ and click ‘Update

This will immediately set preferences for all FPS sections to ‘2‘ and ensure any new FPS sections introduced in future will also be set automatically to the same. autocat-newPlease note that at Preference level 2, FPS will have to be selected from the yellow ‘Supplier’ drop-down box, as it is not shown in the initial results when a product category is selected.


The new function provides a great way of seeing other products available through FPS, including many gap-filling ranges and unique and niche suppliers that might otherwise be difficult to find. For more information, please contact your local FPS representative.


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