Autolamps LED

Autolamps LED Bulbs Introduced

A range of 87 Autolamps LED interior and exterior bulbs is now available from FPS.

Energy conservation is increasingly more important nowadays and LED bulbs are now becoming more popular as a result of the cost benefits and increased lifespan.

The Autolamps LED range is offered in 5 different colours: white, blue, red, green and yellow, on same/next-day delivery basis.

Features and Benefits:
• Increased lifetime of up to 50,000 hours compared to a conventional bulb of only a few hundred hours
• Use only 10% of the power required from conventional bulbs
• Generate less heat
• Run on a much lower wattage, resulting in less power consumption
• Can emit pure white light to give great styling look compared to yellow shades

LED Canbus bulbs are also available; these bulbs bypass vehicle detection systems to avoid error messages when using 1W LED in place of 4/5W normal bulbs.

All LED bulbs are listed within the non-components section on the F:Drive in ‘Maintenance/Lighting’.

Please note: LED bulbs are not road legal and should only be used as a styling upgrade, all LED bulbs are suitable for off-road use only.



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