Are you Stocked up for Winter?

Make the most of winter sales opportunities by stocking up on essential items from Maintenance, Accessories and Leisure categories at FPS!


Seasonal essentials always have good margins associated with them and can fly off the shelves when the cold and wet weather hits – making it all the more important to have enough of the right products in stock. Strategic on-shelf display also pays good dividends; the FPS Showroom, opened in June 2015 at Sheffield, has set up its winter display and offers some useful pointers on what to stock and how to showcase it to cover all eventualities through the incumbent season.


Battery related faults remain among the top 5 reasons for vehicle breakdowns in winter. The comprehensive GS Batteries Car and Light Van range offers OE quality replacement in the form of Bronze, Silver, Gold, EFB Start/Stop and AGM Start/Stop variants along with a range of auxiliary and back-up batteries covering numerous applications.

Jump Starters

The new Energizer 50800B Jump Starter Powerbank offers lithium-ion polymer technology and high portability – the product is small enough to be stored in a glove box, ready to assist in an emergency.

The 5600mAh Li-polymer battery enables a user to start a 1.6L diesel/2.0L petrol car several times from a single charge and can be recharged from a 12V vehicle socket or via USB. The intelligent battery connector incorporates a cross-polarity safety function and protection against short circuiting. It also has a 2.1A USB port, suitable for charging most portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Competitively priced, this device is sure to make for a unique on-shelf display and a good sell this winter.

Additional Specifications:
•  Dimensions: L 13.75 x W 8.25 x H 1.5cm
•  Weight 0.3Kg
•  Starting current: 150A
•  Peak current: 300A
•  Operation Temperature: -20˚C to +60˚C
•  DC charge input: 5V/1A
•  Rated USB output: 5V/max. 2.1A (phones and tablets)


Low light conditions in winter mean an additional sales opportunity. Ring Automotive, stocked by FPS, offers a comprehensive range of vehicle bulbs for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles, including a large range of performance halogen bulbs that improve light output. This includes Xenonultima +120%, Xenonmax +100%, Ultraxenon +50%, Xenonstar, Xetremeblue, Iceblue, Rallysport, Sportzblue and Xenonlook. All bulbs are ‘E’ approved and 100% road legal.

Also available are ranges of LED bulbs from Ring as well as halogen lighting and outdoor bulkheads and floodlights.


Another sales potential, FPS offers a range of heating lines from Status International. Portable and easy to manoeuvre with built-in handles, they are especially useful in open plan workspaces where localised heating can be the only feasible solution.

Cycle Accessories

Cycle accessories that enable better visibility through foggy, lowlight conditions are forecast to be in demand. FPS carries a full range of cycle accessories from Sport Direct™, including bike lighting and high visibility gear.
Lighting options range from basic halogen units to super bright LED lights with 360° visibility and hi-vis products include helmet covers, LED armbands, reflective spoke clips, rucksack covers and gloves, to name a few – all making for good on-shelf displays.

Winter Workwear

Thermal garments and hi-vis clothing remain essential for workplaces and Portwest offers a wide range. This includes thermal base layer tops, leggings and thermal outerwear, comprising short and long sleeve T-shirts and trousers. The base layers are constructed of 100% wicking polyester. The outerwear is 50% polyester and 50% cotton that allow the skin to breathe.

FPS also carries an extensive range of hi-vis clothing from jackets and trousers to gloves and hats for enhanced visibility.

Cleaning & Surface Protectants

Traffic Film Removers and Finishing Wax help in shifting stubborn and damaging road dirt from vehicle exteriors through the winter months. The salt used to grit roads leaves a highly corrosive residue on the vehicles that speeds up rusting on the exposed underside and gets into chips and scratches in paintwork, eroding under the visible surface of the body finish.

Products such as Gunk TFR and MER Deep Gloss Finishing Wax offer an ideal selling opportunity.

Antifreeze & Coolants

The harsh winter climate can damage water pumps and radiators. Investing a few pounds on good quality antifreeze, like the Comma Xstream® range stocked by FPS, is an economically sound option to save hundreds spent on repairing a cracked engine or radiator.

Visibility Enhancers

Safety against mishaps caused by obscured vision encourages endusers to stock up on products, such as Michelin and Champion wiper blades, Holts de-icer, Polygard screenwash and other rain repellents and glass cleaners that enhance visual clarity and so make a wise choice as on-shelf display.

Don't Forget...

That’s not all… stocking up or displaying the following items on the shelves can also release some good selling opportunities:
•  Battery chargers and hydrometers
•  Car and caravan covers
•  Ice scrapers and snow shovels
•  De-ionised battery top-up water
•  Dehumidifiers
•  Instant engine starters
•  Jump starters and booster cables
•  Radiator sealers
•  Torches and lanterns …and a whole range of automotive components.

FPS offers market-leading stocking and logistics to replenish your stock within 48 hours – so this winter, rely on FPS while we deliver your every call with care and commitment.


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