Universal Antifreeze and Coolant from Prestone

Prestone’s unique, patented antifreeze/coolant formula for ‘All Makes, All Models’. Ready-to-use and concentrate formulas (1L and 4L) available.

New to our range is Prestone’s unique, patented, universal antifreeze and coolant formula which directly challenges the common perception that motorists and workshops need to use a specific antifreeze/coolant product for different cars and engines. With Prestone’s ‘All Makes, All Models’ formula, this is no longer the case. Ready-to-use and concentrate formulas (1L and 4L) are available to order now for next-day delivery.

Prestone guarantees outstanding protection for all vehicles’ cooling systems. Their patented formulas have a high degree of performance durability, protecting against extreme temperatures which often cause rust and corrosion of system metals.

Prestone® 50/50 Antifreeze and Coolant Ready-to-Use, safeguards against extreme temperatures and corrosion, with 50% demineralised water added for heat transfer protection. It is recommended to use between 50% – 70% antifreeze solutions and no higher, so heat transfer capabilities are not restricted. This all in one solution can be used with all vehicles, straight from the bottle.

Mechanics can save time and drastically reduce the amount of stock stored and managed by selecting Prestone’s  ‘All Makes, All Models’ formula.

With protection all year round, excessive engine wear from temperature extremes can be avoided, increasing fuel economy, lowering emissions and preventing fuel pre-ignition. Through its use of Organic Acid Technology (OAT), Prestone is a leader in corrosion prevention science and is recognised and approved by the German Quality Institute, DERKA. Over 16 million miles in fleet testing has proven compatibility with all OEM coolants worldwide.

Prestone’s extended life Antifreeze/ Coolant prevents freeze-up, overheating and boil-over, whilst protecting from corrosion for upto 5 years or 150,000 miles.



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