And the UAN Car Parts Supplier of the Year is… GATES!

Gates is the winner of the UAN award for Best Passenger Car Parts Supplier.

The UAN Car Parts Supplier of the year award was established to recognise the overall performance of a supplier which provides parts for cars and commercial vehicles. With tough competition from 75 other UAN suppliers,  this is the first time that Gates has won this prestigious award.

UAN Managing Director, Phil Dodd, explained that the annual award is based on tough criteria, including:

  • Growth within the group
  • Percentage increase in turnover
  • Increases in member customers buying the products

He further added, “Gates is one of the world’s leading suppliers of belts and tensioners and in addition to our measurable criteria, this award recognises  performance in terms of technical workouts and training, product support and brand promotion.

“The UAN Supplier of the Year Award really is a measure of best overall performance and reflects our members’ responses to the winner’s efforts. It also establishes a significant benchmark for others to follow.”

Gates UAN supplier of the year
Gates district sales managers Chris Taylor (left) and Bob McAvan (right) received the 2013 award on behalf of the company.

This award comes at the same time that Gates celebrates the  production of their 5 millionth PowerGrip® Kit at their Polish plant – another great achievement showcasing Gates’ progression and development.

In response to winning this award, Tracey Horton, District Sales Manager for Gates, commented, “It’s been a great team effort and the best team won the award.”


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