AE Valves

AE Valves

With engineers looking for ways to garner more power and fewer emissions out of smaller engines, top-engine components must live up to the demands.

Turbocharging and other techniques for optimising power and reducing CO2 emissions mean top-engines are hotter and put under more pressure as they have to work harder. In that environment, only components that are designed and manufactured to OE standards can deliver performance – and survive.

Some of the highest stresses and temperatures in the engine can be found where the valves are operating. Regardless of the pressure intensity, valves still have to seal perfectly to ensure performance and durability. 

 AE Valves are high-precision designs, manufactured to OE quality using the latest advanced materials.

Some even combine materials to provide optimum performance. AE bi-metallic valves utilise one material for the head to maximise its strength and temperature resistance, and another for the stem to maximise wear resistance. The result is a no-compromise component solution which meets OE specifications and ensures long valve life, even in the high-temperature and high-stress environment of today’s downsized engines.

More than 1,600 valve train parts covering over 35,000 applications are catalogued on MAM Autocat and available from FPS via same/next-day delivery. For more information, please speak with your local FPS representative.