Added Opportunities with U-POL through ISOPON kits

ISOPON repair kits provide garages with the ability to deliver small bodywork repair with products synonymous with U-POL quality.

Internationally recognised and trusted by bodyshop specialists, U-POL delivers high quality bodywork products that professional technicians demand. Making trade-quality innovation more approachable, U-POL delivers a comprehensive range of fillers and coatings that are ideal for small garage and mobile repairs through their ISOPON brand.

Designed for ease and convenience

For garages facing infrequent body repair jobs, the cost benefits of buying large-volume body fillers and ancillary items are often outweighed by the waste of unused products.

ISOPON P.38 and P.40 body repair kits are cost-effective options to achieve a professional looking repair, without the expense of buying components individually.

P.38 Multipurpose body repair kit (P38KIT)

The kit contains everything needed to repair and prime minor dents and scratches on most types of metal bodywork. Pre-measured for easy mixing, the product dries quickly and sands smoothly for priming and painting.

P.40 Body repair kit for holes (P40KIT)

Best used for repairing and priming rust holes in most metals, P.40 is first used with provided aluminium mesh to bridge holes. This is then followed by a layer of P.38 multipurpose body filler, before being sanded down for priming.

All in the kit

ISOPON kits contain 8 pre-measured sachets of body filler, along with re-sealable hardener and solvent wipes to allow multiple uses with less product waste. The included multipurpose primer aerosol completes each repair, making it ready for painting.

Each kit is equipped with gloves, tack cloth, sandpaper, mixing sheets with a measuring guide and applicator.

Available from FPS via same/next-day delivery, speak to your local FPS representative for more information.


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