A 360° View of Rotating Electrics

Revealing the aftermarket potential of FPS’s rotating electrics offering with Remy and the newly launched WWA.

The car’s electrical system has been designed to tolerate a lot of stress. Many motorists drive without realising the exertion of the starters and alternators until winter, when the problems become more apparent. This makes rotating electrics one of the biggest distress sectors in the aftermarket with a long grey tail.

Rotating Electrics from FPS

FPS has invested significantly to stock a comprehensive offering including Remy, the worldwide OE manufacturer and the UK’s leading remanufacturer of starters and alternators and the newly included range from World Wide Automotive (WWA), so the factors don’t have to.

Here are the different programmes to boost business opportunities for factors and their customers.

Remy Starters & Alternators

The cranking system of a vehicle gets extremely distressed in winter, owing to the increased demands placed on the alternator reserves. Additionally, the extra boost needed by the starters due to falling temperatures overnight depletes the available cranking power to the battery drastically. Furthermore, the wet and salty road conditions corrode the parts and result in loose or broken starting and charging system connections.

Although the electrical system of a vehicle is designed to accommodate the above, weaknesses are more apparent in winter (as may have been evident to factors). This leads to an increased number of complaints about bad battery, poor connections or reduced alternator output, resulting in starting/charging problems. The demand on the garages is intense; with product availability absolutely key to getting the customer’s car back on the road quickly.

• Over 4000 part numbers in range, including the latest stop-start technologies.
• Over 90% of Pareto available same-day via FPS.

As a global OE manufacturer, Remy builds all its units to meet or exceed OE specifications and undergo an end of line functionality test. This reduces warranty rates ensuring the reliability of the products supplied to customers.

Heavy Duty Remy Starters & Alternators

Based on successful sales of Remy’s HD starters and alternators and positive feedback from customers, FPS is now stocking more popular parts from the Remy HD rotating electrics range. The Remy Heavy Duty range is a combination of brand new and remanufactured products devised to provide the best quality and range in the market and is available for next-day delivery throughout the UK.

• All units are built and fully tested to OE specifications.
• 2 year/60,000 miles ‘no quibble’ warranty– whichever comes first.

Additionally, FPS offers a free core collection service, usually same or next day. This means that factors don’t have to wait until they have a full pallet for it to be collected, allowing them to free up cash immediately.

WWA Starters & Alternators

FPS recently identified a new market segment with big business opportunities: a short range of surcharge-free starters and alternators. The demand has been created owing to an ageing vehicle parc and the customers’ unwillingness to pay the price for a premium OE product, where an extreme price pressure exists.

FPS therefore has recently launched the World Wide Automotive (WWA) brand of rotating electrics, designed specifically as a short range that allows factors to choose a branded, quality product while operating in a price sensitive market.

• 50 parts in range.
• 1 year warranty.
• Surcharge-free products.

With a diverse and strong offering, FPS is confident to meet with the factors’ requirements throughout the year.

Please contact your local FPS representative for further information on the Remy and WWA range offering.


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