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4 Symptoms of Wheel Bearing Failure

Fahren describes what to look out for with worn wheel hub bearings to ensure a more costly repair is not needed later.

A worn or failing wheel bearing can not only cause stress on the hub, CV joint, or axle and transmission, if it’s not replaced the wheel can seize up completely. The symptoms of worn wheel hub bearings can be wide-ranging and sometimes hard to detect leading to damage or failure before the issue is identified. Fahren shares some signs to look out for, which may mean a bearing is wearing out and should be investigated to potentially prevent more extreme damage.

1. Clicking or Popping

A clicking or popping sound may suggest a damaged or worn outer CV joint, although it could also mean there is excessive bearing endplay. It’s most commonly heard when cornering or turning sharply.

2. Grinding

A grinding noise usually means that mechanical damage already exists. In relation to the bearings, it could indicate a damaged raceway, or roller damage.

3. Rumbling or Humming

Normally, this type of noise is connected to electrical, tyre, or drivetrain parts. However, if it is related to the bearings, the vibration or noise will increase when turning the wheel, even just slightly. Generally speaking, the opposite side of where the noise is coming from is the side that is defective.

4. Wobble or Wheel Vibrations

These symptoms are often connected to worn tyres or issues with suspension and wheel components. However, it may also indicate chassis misalignment. In relation to the bearing, or wheel hub, wobbling or wheel vibrations could suggest a lack of clamp, or that the bearing has mechanical damage.

Fahren offers over 120 wheel bearing kits, covering the most popular passenger cars on the UK roads. The range comes with a 1 year/12,000-mile warranty and is available from FPS for same/ next-day delivery. Speak to your local FPS representative for more information on the range, or order via the F:Drive.

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