360° continues to add more parts

360° has introduced numerous new turbo hoses, an oil separator filter, a fuel feed unit and a front wiper motor, while continuing to bring new parts to fill application gaps and niche segments.

The 360 turbo hose range covers air filter, turbo oil, intercooler and emission control hoses and is supplied with exact OE connections. Traditionally ‘dealer only’ parts, these turbo hoses fit various applications and are available on MAM Autocat+ and the F:Drive under Engine Parts>Engine Parts.

The oil separator filter (part no. 45183) fits BMW diesel engine (M47 & M57), Rover 75, Land Rover and Vauxhall Omega applications. It comes with all the necessary parts, including seals to ensure optimum engine performance after replacement. Located in the rocker cover of the engine, the oil separator filter prevents raw oil from entering the intake system, relieving a build-up of pressure in the crankcase. The part can be located under Engine Parts>Breather Caps, Hoses, Valves.

The fuel feed unit (part no. VE523841) fits Ford Fiesta 2.0 ST Mk6. Faulty fuel pumps can cause loss of engine power at high speeds or under heavy loads and therefore, need immediate replacement. This part can be located on the MAM Autocat+ and the F:Drive under Fuel & Engine Management>Fuel Pumps.

The front wiper motor (part no. 39309A) covers Fiat Punto (2007>) and can be found under Wipers>Wiper Gears, Linkages, Motors.

Still looking for more parts in the FPS portfolio ­–let us know by emailing at 360@fpsdistribution.co.uk.