30 Ways to Warm Up Your Sales This Winter

Prepare for winter sales with FPS.

The warm days of summer are over and as autumn has set in, we are reminded of the imminent winter. It is this time of the year, where you will no doubt be planning your winter stock injections in preparation for that cold snap.

Weather centres are predicting a cold and snowy winter for 2014/15 meaning an increased demand on the automotive supply chain for quality winter essentials. As you well know by looking back at previous winter weather, you could find yourself playing Russian roulette-mild or extreme winters can both leave you exposed.

Winter Essentials

So to avoid the issue of either having excess stock sitting idle in your stores, or no stock available review your policy now and let FPS take that risk. We hold all the stock so you don’t need to and you can get it from us the same/next day.

Here are 30 key seasonal items to look-out for to keep your sales warm this winter:


WHY: Lighting, heating and electrics put immense pressure on car batteries, especially in winter. Low temperatures reduce the efficiency of even a fully charged battery by 33%. Battery related faults remain in the top 5 reasons for vehicle breakdowns in winter.

What's on offer?

• The new 2014 GS Batteries Car and Light Van Range features five battery types – Bronze, Silver, and Gold as well as the Japanese size EFB Start Stop and AGM Start Stop Plus Micro Hybrid ranges – all are OEM specification.
• Auxiliary and back up batteries that fit such vehicles as Toyota Yaris, Auris & Prius, Lexus CT200h & IS300h, Mercedes E-Class & S-Class, Honda Insight, CRZ, Volvo DRIVe and BMW 7-Series are also available.


WHY?: More than 1 million thermostat failures are detected each year in winter, typically when the heaters fail – now is the time to prepare for the demand on thermostats.

What's on offer?

Gates thermostats guarantee the largest application coverage in the market from just 500 references, since each Gates thermostat is supplied with all required gaskets and seals for a number of applications.

Gas Springs

WHY: Sales opportunities due to gas spring failure are increased due to the exacerbated problems caused by cold temperatures, often resulting in a complete failure of the spring to elevate the boot or bonnet.

What's on offer?

Kilen gas springs are manufactured to OE specifications and supplied with fitting kits for ease of installation, while offering 1,100 different parts in range for a variety of European and Asian applications.

Electricals & Engine Management Components

WHY: Connection issues caused by wet and corrosive road conditions in winter lead to a major breakdown in the engine management department. Extra electrical needs of the car in the inclement weather deplete alternator reserves and reduce the availability of excess power to the battery. Glow plugs, owing to either broken regulating coil or poor ground connection, as well as the ignition system are prone to failures in cold/damp conditions.

What's on offer?

• Over 3,800 starters and alternators from Remy that give a higher output through more compact and fuel efficient units.
• Over 450 ignition coils and more than 750 lead set references from Cambiare that match OE specification and offer a 2 year/30,000 miles warranty.
• The competitively priced Fahren ignition coil range with a 1 year/ 12,000 miles warranty.
• Over 160 NGK Glow Plug references and 140 references from Blue Print, ranging from standard metal glow plugs to the more popular ceramic plugs.


WHY: Low light conditions in winter means an additional sales opportunity as dark mornings and dreary evenings come into play.

What's on offer?

• The latest technologies in bulbs and lighting from Lucas with adaptive front lighting systems, fog lights, high intensity discharge headlamps, LED and daylight running systems that covers approximately 90% of the UK vehicle parc. It is further complemented by a range of OE lighting units from Hella, Magneti and Valeo.

Visibility Enhancers

WHY: Mucky roads and relentless precipitation deteriorate the quality of windscreens. The incessant use of wipers tends to have an adverse effect on both the wiper motors and blades. Safety against mishaps caused by obscured vision encourages end-users to stock up on products that enhance visual clarity.

What's on offer?

Magneti and Valeo, along with Leader, supply an extensive range of Wiper Motors across many applications
Michelin’s conventional Rainforce and hybrid Stealth Wiper Blade range, across various applications and sizes.
Holts De-icer to counter the effects of frost on windscreens and offer protection down to -15°C.
Comma and Polygard Screenwash for windscreens.
• Numerous traffic film removers, glass cleaners, ice scrapers and rain repellents.

Jump Leads

WHY: A four-fold increase in the sale of jump leads is seen every year during winter. It is wise to encourage garages to persuade end-users to store jump leads in car boots, increasing their goodwill and your sales.

What's on offer?

Maypole’s wide range of jump leads includes the poly-bagged CCA (Copper Coated Aluminium) range, a fully-boxed CCA / copper construction performance range and a nylon-bagged 100% copper Professional range.

More Winter Essentials

WHY: The harsh winter climate can damage water pumps and radiators. The slippery roads are also a big threat in terms of road safety. A wide range of products are available to counter these and maintain vehicles.

What's on offer?

• Good quality antifreeze, like the Comma Xstream range offers corrosion protection, operates at temperatures as low as -36°C and covers a wide range of applications.
Maypole hydrometers and battery chargers assure a steady sale for motor factors.
Top-Up De-Ionised Water is an exceptional substitute for diminished water in lead-acid batteries.
Husky and Michelin’s variety of snowchains, in high quality steel and composite materials for safe driving on snow covered roads.
Maypole offers snow shovels, snow socks and windscreen and car covers.
• Comfortable winter wear and PPE from JSP and Portwest.

With our leading delivery service, your stocks can be replenished same-day or next-day, making FPS your one port of call in winter! So this season, just sit back and relax while we deliver your every call with care and commitment.

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