3 Common Ignition Coil Faults Tackled by Cambiare

Cambiare highlights common ignition coil faults encountered and introduce a bespoke ignition coil test facility to ensure superior quality replacement parts.

Engine management specialist Cambiare has been at the helm of providing OE quality replacement parts for vehicle electronics through strict adherence to precision manufacturing and stringent quality assessment procedures. With a comprehensive portfolio of parts available at a competitive price point, Cambiare has always been able to provide customers with superior quality automotive parts.

Experts Speak

It is essential to encourage garages to correctly diagnose faults by using the right equipment and then replace using OE quality parts. The Cambiare Technical Team offers an insight into some of the more commonly found faults, which appear to be an issue with the ignition coil, but are proven to be elsewhere on close inspection:-

1. Faulty/worn spark plugs and ignition leads

• Fault codes specifying a single coil fault on a particular cylinder may not necessarily be true with a ‘wasted spark’ coil setup. This is where a spark plug or ignition lead may be the source of the issue.

• Spark plugs work as hard as the coil and are service parts that perform in a much harsher environment. They should be the first to be inspected when a misfire is detected or could cause overloading and premature failure of the ignition coil as a result of misdiagnosis, ensuing in multiple customer visits.

• Plug leads, subjected to vibration and routing problems, cause wear and internal breakdown. If not checked thoroughly, it can lead to misdiagnosis of the coil.

2. Incorrect part replacement

Based on engine code, chassis or engine number breaks, where multiple options are available. While the external design may look identical, the internal electronic differences can make the part incompatible with the vehicle, causing premature failure.

3. Poor LT connections at the ECU and grounding

These can create excessive load on the coil, leading to premature failure and misfires.

As part of Cambiare’s commitment to providing the aftermarket with high quality replacements, it continues to develop and expand its testing facilities.

Facilitating Quality

The newly refurbished test centre now houses, among others, a bespoke designed, fully operational Ignition Coil Test Machine. Using custom designed equipment and under the focus of a highly motivated and skilled team, the new ignition coil testing facility is being utilised for:

Validating receipted warranty claims.
R&D purposes, ensuring that all additions to the Cambiare portfolio meet the high standards expected by its customers.

When testing a part received via a warranty claim, the Cambiare quality team reads the customer’s diagnosis as stated, tailors the type of test required accordingly and then creates a detailed report*. The information produced allows the Cambiare technicians to identify any malfunctions within the coil and thus helps in improving production facilities, ensuring continued quality and development.

*Available to customers upon request

Cambiare currently offers 400+ OE quality ignition coils, covering over 23 million applications, with further expansions planned, owing to its continual R&D programme. All parts are catalogued on www.cambiare-ve.com and fully supported by FPS’ stocking and logistics. The portfolio is backed by a 2 year/30,000 mile warranty, technical support hotline on 0845 543 8280 as well as promotional and technical materials.


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