FPS Sheffield NDC Canopy Extension

2018: A Year of Growth for FPS

A little over a year ago, FPS broke ground to build a 15,000sqft warehouse extension for their National Distribution Centre in Sheffield. Read on to catch up on the developments FPS has made over the course of this year.


Since the shelving units have been put in, the extension has been carefully populated with stock to ensure optimised operations. This space has also allowed an in-house team of warehousing experts to undertake the Floor Three Optimisation Project.

What is the Floor Three Optimisation Project?

Floor Three Optimisation

The third floor of the NDC is home the study and improvement of productivity in warehouse operations for FPS. By developing strategies like organising stock into areas by the nature of their demand, this project hopes to continually improve capacity and accessibility for warehouse operators.

Model Line

Alongside this, a model line has been implemented to the floor three packing area. This will continually be developed into an area of excellence where processes can be rolled out to the rest of the network when proven successful. The latest techniques designed to optimise operations, improve service quality and delivery protocols are being tested and monitored here, so that they can be cascaded to the rest of the business for better customer service.


The newly constructed canopy at the Parkway Rise site provides an additional 6,000 sqft of loading/unloading space and is expected to be completed by the end of the month. When handed over, this will ease congestion and reduce hazard risks. This space will be invaluable for stock segregation, optimise vehicle turnaround times and in turn, improve punctuality across the network.


Sheffield Office

What was previously the FPS Showroom has been undergoing significant work as the space is being converted into a new office facility.


In October this year, FPS officially became the sole owner of the Grange Mill Lane warehouse plot. This acquisition has created even more development possibilities in the future.

It has truly been an exciting time of growth and development for FPS. With new regional distribution centres in the pipeline for 2019, more updates will undoubtedly ensue. In the meantime, we urge you to watch this space.

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